Hi there,
My collection is mainly about this weird thing called hardcore-techno.
The cool, sometimes industrial influenced, uptempo style of techno with some ruff distorted bassdrums.

Everything presented in my collection here I have in original condition. No illegal mp3's, copied tapes or cd's, because I don't consider such things as 'real' in a collection.

Note: If you want some of the early rave/gabba stuff from my collection(except ruffneck) we maybe can work something out!!!

Musical Fanatic Of:
-Cardopusher: yes yes kickin' breakcore from venezuela!!!
-Liquid Blasted (8/11 recs collected)
-Neuromancer + le gawrique
-Dj TsX
-MaX DeATh
-Ely muff (another crazy hardcore producer!)
-War$t: kickin' hardcore 'breaks influence' from Japan!!!!
-dj maissouille
-zone 33

-EpileptiK Produxionz
-***Peace off records***
-Bang a rang *-*-* d(^o^)b
-InseKT RecordZ
-B.E.A.S.T records
-Sh!t 'n NoiZe Art:[Ok]
-Noise Factory
-Cunt rec.
-le diable au core
-koyote records

Peace & Love The Music.

So i was thinking... in 1999 i discoveredthis music... real fanatics will know this... the passion never leaves...
enjoy life! accept death! be grateful to god and never surrender, always win or die! see you in valhall!

i'm also interested in comic books: collecting dutch/flemish/belgian books like roder ridder, kid paddle, kiekeboe, suske en wiske.
I also write a blog, i write about eveyrthing man .. psychedelics, comics, filosofie, conservatism, christianity, yes i'm traditionalist right wing conservative but still listen this music, funny shit man.
so what else is there a lot i can tell about totally crazy
see you around on a party!!!
i used "digital entertainment" alot as name to play at parties and had one release on eppo records as "davy zealot"

now my musical journey started with the oldschool thunderdome cd's in the 90's, but quickly turned into the more heavy tunnel of terror and extreme terror cd's, followed by a brief interlude with the newstyle mainstream sounds in the first years of the new millenium. growing bored with the same old slowmo partystyle formula, feverishly discovered thanks to the this is terror mixes and darkcore cd's some fresh sounds. techno and industrial influences, speedcore, but soon turned once again to the oldschool gabba vibe with tracksuits and my first parties in belgium and holland. the love for frenchcore grew and discovered the freeparty scene in belgium and netherlands. growing in love with the chaotic freespirit i finally found a place to spin the records i liked without angry looking gabbers not understanding something new. after crazy chemical experiments and losing my ego, discovering a lot of new sounds in death metal, goa trance, acid techno. after the goa psychedelic period slowly regaining my old self, the irght wing masculine solar philosophy, once again returning to the old hobbies of history, warfare and archeology, coupled with a new belief in the spiritual dimension and the potential of the male sovereignity, beyond newfound dogma's like socialism, atheism and feminism, we now found our new home inside our own skin.
another musical love knocks at my door after the brief experiments with darkpsy and night full on, we now turn our attention towards hardtechno and industrial hardcore. it's slow ritmically to an unexperienced ear, to a feeling body it's hard and rhythmic. it's danceable like techno, but poundin like hardcore!
it gets the asses of the women shaken and it stirs up the male energy. it's brutal and dancey, it's my new sound!
davy zealot aka digital entertainment 2011!

Letzte Aktivitäten
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Alpha Tracks - Blau. 5 months ago
An excellent album.

If it must be categorized as Techno, then it is Techno that has the balls to be Hardcore & the imagination to be Trancey, in a good way.

Some tracks are faster, others are slower, some are more melodic, others are more ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Radium - Brain Police EP. 6 months ago
This is one of my Favo Hardcore & Radium releases.
I would say here we find some good technical skills, especially in the "Brain Police" songs.
Good bassdrums, tempo changes, great and trippy sound effects. This is Radium at his most creative, delivering ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Psychik Genocide. 6 months ago
The label has been around for a while. While somewhere around 2003-2005 it made a turn towards a more commercial & happy sound, I would still recommend the earliest releases from 1998-2003 to those who like their hardcore dark & experimental.
The ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Hardcoholics - Fat Bit EP. 7 months ago
Also Releaser is one of those tracks that is hard, yet it manages to have a little humour in it. There are some samples from Euromasters, giving it a bit of a gimmick nod to the origins of hardcore.
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Marchetto & Scheurer - Vortical Loops. 8 months ago
Well what a great banger this is! I found it by coincidence at a clearance bin at some record store in the 2000's. For a low price I bought it, along with a few other ones, without listening. On this one, the money was certainly not a waste! All four ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Rog (8). 10 months ago
Excellent artist.
One of those rare birds who defies all genres, who brings in his albums a pallet of different sounds, where no two songs sound too much alike!
To satisfy the hunger for something unique, weird, experimental,.. Rog is a name that will do!
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu BudBurnerz & Hydoropokoru - dBP 3. 11 months ago
Excellent. Fast Breakbeat Hardcore with a humorous twist. For those who like their banging beats with a funky rhythm!
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Various - Real Retro Hardcore Classix. 11 months ago
Nothing special. Yet it's a solid compilation.

There's nowadays of course a lot of "best of" compilations of old hardcore classics.
This is one of the first of such compilations from the 2000s. At first it was mostly an Id&t thing to release such ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu discodemuerto. about 1 year ago
A few years ago, almost every techno artist was making "minimal", now nearly everyone is making "industrial".
And yet, here we find a small label where the artist presents us an entirely unique style!

Dark techno, quite hard bassdrums, and not as slow ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Rosti* & Wicked* - The Try Out E.P.. about 1 year ago
I bought it "blind", without listening, yet expecting a good sound, from DJ WICKED, as he's well known for other great releases. And indeed, B1 here delivers the goods for me!
A nice "midtempo" oldschool TR 909 bassdrum + rave hoovers.
It's an ancient ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu DJ Seb B* vs Lobotomy Inc* - Best Of Tekno Hardstyle Part.2. about 1 year ago
I bought the cd not long ago, almost ten years after release.
Being a hardcore gabber fan, I knew Lobotomy Inc as an artist who used that typical oldschool TR 909 kick in most of his tracks.
And indeed, the mix didn't disappoint every time I listened ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Katastroof - Goud Van Hier. over 2 years ago
It's a small selection of some "best of" or "essential" anthems of the group. A good introduction, or a nice trip to memory lane for others. Nothing too special, but nothing too bad either. Hilarious local folk ensured!
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Various - Music 2000. over 2 years ago
One of my all time favorite PlayStation Games, precisely because it offered me a chance to compose your own music, while indeed allowing the music production to be of a technical level for a decent sound, and all of this in a software interface that's ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Negative Network - Meat Injection E.P.. over 3 years ago
The artwork is great and the artist and label are promising! Many years after its release and me buying it, I still enjoy the physical record, and the songs themselves as well of course, a lot!

We have here the well known industrial/terrorcore artist ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat eingetragen Undercover Slut - Hollywood Noir. over 5 years ago
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Liquid Blasted - Robokind. over 7 years ago
Here we have another gem of Liquid Blasted's oeuvre. Fresh from cold Russia, another industrial masterpiece from the robot man. Interesting about this release is the slower BPM's compared to most other records this man's put out. On Kremlincore, No Core ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Deadface - Gates Of The Underworld. over 7 years ago
This is one of my favourite, if not "MY FAVOURITE" (capitals needed) frenchcore record. Whenever someone mentions frenchcore, they allways seem to think of the newer (post 2007) happy sounding thirteen-in-a-row records with the same oversampled kicks and ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Cannibal DJ - Fresh Flesh EP. over 11 years ago
One of the best speedcore releases I've ever heard.
260+ BPM 4-tracker, with a very hard and deep TR 909 kickdrum + snarework.

The tracks have lots of horror/cult movie samples, which make it indeed a "blood curling experience", as the voice on ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Kaboz & Pterodactyl - Mad Butcher Party. over 12 years ago
This is my favourite record from the "drumadix series".
After 2 releases of experimental/breaks, they brought us this time a release with 3 stunning hardcore tracks and one experimental/breakcore track from "pterodactyl"(it's the A2).
The other 3 ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Amiga Shock Force - Psycore Kids Vs Rave-Fascist. over 12 years ago
In my opinion, this is the best (and certainly) most famous
record these 2 musical genials ever did!
The 4 speedcore tracks are filled with hip-hop samples,
guitars, some nice atmosphere, and hard 'n fast kickdrums!
The 'breakcore' track has one very ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Dashcraft. over 12 years ago
Dashcraft happens to be one of my favorite speedcore producers since they bring a very nice style of core.
They bring a mixture of highly distorted, powerfull bassdrum kicks, together with very hard guitar riffs and always creative and cool ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen