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Cloaks - Versus Grain
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Cloaks - Versus Grain. over 14 years ago
Filthy, noisy and almost disturbing are the first words that sprung to my mind when I first heard this album.

This is not your everyday dose of Skream, Joker or any other name within Dubstep. This is one of the harshest records yet to be brought with... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
Vex'd - Degenerate
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Vex'd - Degenerate. over 16 years ago
This was a groundbreaking release for the dubstep genre in my opinion. Because it was released on Planet Mu (not so into dubstep at the time, as it is now), it reached a wider audience. To be quite honest it was one of the first dubstep releases I... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
Dev/Null - Lazer Thrash
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Dev/Null - Lazer Thrash. over 16 years ago
2007 is quite a dissapointing year concering breakcore releases in my opinion.

This Dev/Null album is one the few things that's really worth checking out. Dev/Null has a really unique and diverse sound, and this album packs it all. It isn't all new... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
Hymen Records
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Hymen Records. over 16 years ago
This must be one of the best labels around if you are into experimental electronics. For ambient/dark ambient sounds there are artists like: Lusince Icl, Hecq & Substanz-T. For your dosage of braindance the likes of Wisp, Nebulo, Keef Baker, Ove-Naxx... Vollständige Rezension ansehen