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hat eine Rezension gepostet von Ennio Morricone - The Thing - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 5 months ago
Awesome Pressing! Super quiet and its looking great!! I didn´t had any pops or noises on my record and its really looking CRYSTAL CLEAR !!! ***** Vinyl!
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu VNV Nation - Noire. about 1 year ago
Missing Info: This release is 2x 180gr black Vinyl! Maybe someone add this Info to description!!
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Statiqbloom - Mask Visions Poison. over 2 years ago
Mine is No. 4 out of 10 awesome pressing quality! Glad I got one!
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Lik (5). over 2 years ago
Missing the limited to 300 pieces grey/black marbled Vinyl on list! Cheers!