I love and buy vinyl since I was 7: cosmic-balearic-, space-, italo- & nu-disco, postpunk, leftfield, minimal synth, synth wave and some good deep house and techno tracks.

Regarding the items I sell: they are all from my private collection. Many of them, especially the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s vinyls, I bought back then new from record stores, played them a few times at home and kept them in transparent inner and protection sleeves, without touching them a lot over the years. I am selling them to optimize my collection according to my current taste preferences.

I am happy to receive offers - but please note that I never have accepted an offer that was more than 25% below the price on display. Therefore, just save us time and please don't send very low offers. Thank you. :)

I usually ship one or two days after I have received the payment.

Keep vinyl alive & play it to your friends!
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hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Some Bizarre - Don't Be Afraid. over 2 years ago
Amazing italo disco classic. I used to have both copies, the black and the golden one, and the black vinyl print sounded remarkably better than the golden vinyl issue. Not sure if this is always the case, just keep it in mind when deciding to buy a copy ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat einen Kommentar gepostet , der inzwischen gelöscht wurde. over 2 years ago
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Ceremony (2) - Rocket Fire. over 2 years ago
Totally mindblowing, hits only, a must for lovers of the classic Jesus and Mary Chain - Psychocandy album!
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Smile (5) - 7th Free Record. over 2 years ago
This is a truly fantastic psychedelic indie rock album in the vein of early Flaming Lips and Swell with a touch of garage recording. Get it, you won't be disappointed. "Leave it alone" is the hit.
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Todd Terje - Greatest Edits . over 2 years ago
The double album does not sound poor - as usual, in comparison with 12 inch singles which feature only one track per side, the sound quality is less good, but for a collector of classic edits like "Jolene" or "I want your love" or "You should be dancing" ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat eingetragen 7mirror - Hopenosis. over 6 years ago
hat eingetragen Evil Zed - Down. over 6 years ago
hat eingetragen The Lonely Smoker - Magical Ocean. over 6 years ago
hat eingetragen Reagan & Carter Featuring Edie Lobo - O. over 6 years ago
hat eingetragen Vijay & Sofia Zlatko - Move It. over 6 years ago
hat eingetragen Yoshiyuki Ota - Feel The Sun. over 6 years ago
hat eingetragen The Sweeps - Optimistic Melancholic. over 7 years ago