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hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Volum - Obey The Hydrogen Bomb. 11 months ago
Hahaha you are a beautifully humble man. This is quality the whole way and people are willing to pay this amount cos it's fresh as fuck. That is all.
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu The Rip-Off Artist. about 1 year ago
Hey Acidica
Matt has gone on to focus full time on being a professional photographer. I contacted him directly about 8 years ago to ask if he was planning to still write music on the side. He said he was going to stop completely and just focus on his ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat Meatbingo - Trendy Robots zu seiner Sammlung hinzugefügt. over 5 years ago
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Antoine Rocky-Horror - Machine Gun Boogie. over 6 years ago
Best review ever :)
hat eine Rezension gepostet von Clatterbox - Clatterbeats Volume 2. over 12 years ago
There is no messing about on this release.
Expect straight down the line good ol' fashioned electro sleaze bursting with cybernetic assembly line mechanics.
Oil your joints cause those bass stabs and metallic snare abrasions will have you poppin' like ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat eine Rezension gepostet von The Rip-Off Artist - The Kids Are Alright. over 12 years ago
As far as audio adventurism goes this album is at the pinnacle of the game.
Every track insights highly vivid imagery as the mind flows with the ceaslessly tight mathamatics of the maestro Matt Haines.
The kid's will certainly be alright once they get ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen