*** as of December 29th 2016 my username was switched from "chris416" to "chrisnova777"

Thanks for visiting my discogs profile. for those unfamiliar with me, some background info -- Im of Scandinavian + English Anglo/Saxon descent (Turku Finland/Stockholm Sweden) + (Sheffield/Nottingham England) but I was born + have lived most of my life just north of Toronto, Canada

"Chris Nova" is not my real name its what i use as an alias on the internet, and it comes from the nick/alias/nickname i used back in the 90s on IRC chat #313 #house #rave, "Radionova", "nova9", "nova909" were my nicknames that i used i stole/took the name as my own after hearing the track "Whats New" by St germain (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Xr8ZksXZlI) on a brilliant mixtape mixed by DJ Simon DK Smith (DiY soundsystem) (visit here: https://www.discogs.com/group/thread/700251 for tracklist + download) it was winter/spring in early 1995 when i received that package of 4 cassette tapes in the mail from someone who send it to me from Leeds, UK - i was always very emotionally affected by music i heard on the radio + tv growing up in the 1980s.. but by the time i was 10 years old i was spending all my allowance on buyingmostly "dance" + hip-hop albums. i started going to raves in August of 1993 and left my love of hiphop behind, and got hooked on techno/breakbeat/jungle "rave" music. 4/4 House was always enjoyed by me from around 1991 (thanks to a local "all ages" house club called "Spotlight" in Newmarket that used to broadcast LIVE! to local radio) but my tastes switched back to 100% house in summer/fall 1994 and i left the rave scene in favor of house music events; by the end of 1994, i still went to some techno/rave events but i was mostly focused on 'housier' side of things;

back around summer 1995, i was one of the first users in Canada to have Broadband cable modem internet because i happened to live in the testing location for "Rogers Wave" ( https://web.archive.org/web/19961113232824/http://rogerswave.ca/ ) and i learned HTML just so that i could build my first website which was called "GetSorted.com / Soulpower Enterprises" the whole reason i created this site was to make a place that was all about trading mixtapes via mail packages (long before MP3 was invented) we posted lists of cassettes and organized trades via Email: https://06165062160021244642.googlegroup.com/attach/fc0bb64803398328/CYBRFREQ.TXT?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrFmx2bIDSNhaYxR7nveDNIjmQ0a5kft1yzjm051upGikEyyYW7ZiQmvbVtbEdCfSTqSWhUyUWWg5ZvehV23e-OWK3r3TeUJAQLLHLFN6PkQ6tFlmCQ (https://06165062160021244642.googlegroups.com/attach/fc0bb64803398328/CYBRFREQ.TXT?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrFlN5ObKnE-Cg1ZOzQevia7ePQdNqGRgk8REUtI1RD1crLxLd0ZT0C-9UwtxzhC28YYKr2O_rVGu7Z_TSRgR3vvGYEsgrKfJTNqtVsVQ8gkdKfbxpU a list of my tapes that i posted to a newsgroup on June 1st 1996) back then i idolized the djs so much i never even thought that i could actually become one and actually learn to mix but i eventually bought my first silver technics turntables in spring of 1997 that i still own to this day. ironically one of the most influential tapes on my tastes came from my girlfriend Dee Thornton (RIP) in 1995, who had gone on a trip to England to visit family, and recorded DJ EZ from FREEK FM 101.8 - that tape went on to become one of my favourite mixtape of all time!! recorded i think in her hotel room, back in early 1995, the tape was stolen from me around 2003 or so? from my apartment in Toronto (toronto people suck) id give anything to hear that tape again! if anyone has any pirate radio tapes from summer of 1995 with Dj EZ or DJ Operator, please share with me;)

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92-93 https://www.discogs.com/lists/house_9293/264953
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hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Frank Ski - Whores In This House. 6 days ago
this song was actually produced by Al T McLaran https://www.discogs.com/artist/244696-Al-T-McLaran previously of Warlock Records who was working with Frank Ski @ the time; the vocals on the record is his voice; notable at this time due to it's being ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Joydrome - Over. 9 days ago
the over(dub) is lifting samples from Kelly Hand's Tribal mix of Marie Divine https://www.discogs.com/Broad-Mix-Music-Starring-Mari%C3%A9-Divine-Cant-Live-Without-Your-Love/master/238360
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Taken Featuring Helen Bruner - Over You. 9 days ago
https://www.discogs.com/Joydrome-Over/release/177101 i just found it just this afternoon!! by chance
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu The Crazy Frenchman Presents Maitre D' - Music 4 U. 9 days ago
whatever this is sampled on the crazy spirit mix is the same as is sampled in the track Antlantean Love Machine - Hold Your Wig https://www.discogs.com/Atlantean-Love-Machine-Hold-Your-Wig/release/112270
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Joydrome - Over. 9 days ago
this track is sampling Helen Bruner (Taken) "Over You" on Warlock Records https://www.discogs.com/Taken-Featuring-Helen-Bruner-Over-You/release/583112 i just found it after having been looking for this track for 25+ years since 1995
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Headnodding Society* - The Headnodding Society EP.. 9 days ago
alabama is sampling Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Todd Terry Presents The Dream Team* - Love Is What We Need. 9 days ago
lots of legends puting their efforts together for this, todd terry, kenny dope, roger sanchez, benji candelario - all on the same 12"
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Dub Monsters* - Monster Cuts Vol. 1. 9 days ago
big memories for me i had this 12" when first learning to mix and i played all 4 of these cuts to death mixing with other tracks like mood II Swings "Learn 2 Love"
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Boyd Jarvis. 9 days ago
musically active from 1984 - 2018; giving us over 4 decades of music; RIP Boyd Jarvis
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Nyles Arrington - Flute Song. 9 days ago
the "definition mix" is using the same bassline as the hit track by Quakerman https://www.discogs.com/Quakerman-Schlam-Me/master/256069 which is strange because the release date for "Schlam me" comes after this one, it must have sampled the promo; wierd ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Atom - Plus One. 9 days ago
Love To Heart (Too Hot) is the cut that i remember hearing from this EP; repetitive grinding acid bassline + looped vocal that was undoubtedly heard differently by many
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Agora - Latin Connection E.P.. 9 days ago
"Jam Beneath the groove" was on one of my favourite mixtapes in the 90s; always love to hear this tune;' great flute solo + latin rhythms
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Natureboy* - Necessary Ruffness Volume 2. 10 days ago
on your side is sampling vocals from Just Can't Give You Up - Mystic Merlin https://www.discogs.com/Mystic-Merlin-Just-Cant-Give-You-Up/release/330132
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Disco Sister - Like It Is / Kiss Me. 10 days ago
the coco steel + lovebomb mix sounds to be sampling the nervous track by masters at work
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Dee-Vious* - The Mood E.P.. 10 days ago
strange weathers has that essential mid 90s tribal sound with some rumbly bass to go with
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Smooth & Simmonds - The Four Seasons. 10 days ago
the climax (club mix) is laid back & chuggin along with a sh-101 bassline /w some nice atmospheric chords
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Bizarre Inc.* - Playing With Knives. 10 days ago
re-release of the bizarre inc anthem from 1991 - the climax mix seems to feature lyrics lifted from Cathy Dennis + D-mob's track https://www.discogs.com/Cathy-Dennis-Touch-Me-All-Night-Long/master/99333 which in turn took the lyrics from ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu House Of Whacks - My Sister's Daughter. 10 days ago
you couldnt go out to a house event in mid 1995 without hearing this track; heavy play, heavy sample, heavy tune
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Chugger (Chuggles Revenge)* - Thank You. 10 days ago
"thank you heavenly father!" gospel themed dubby 1995 house bizness from the 20:20 crew; spiced up by xpress-2 https://www.discogs.com/artist/2937-X-Press-2
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Nitro Deluxe - Let's Get Brutal. 10 days ago
if anyone has a sample of the Terrence Parker mix i'd love to check it out
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Heller 'N' Farley Project* - From The Dat Vol. 1. 10 days ago
jondavey yea man it was pretty massive got played tons in the mid 90s; got remixed, vocalized ("gotta move it on, push it on, keep on reaching higher!") steadily through to 98/99 aswell, and consistantly re-released; this tune was ever-present
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu The Mighty Dub Cats* - Return To The Valley Of Yeke Yeke. 10 days ago
this was a big rave event Anthem in 1994!!! good times good memories
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Masters At Work Present India - I Can't Get No Sleep '95. 10 days ago
morales late night bonus mix brings the piano Garage Flavour to this classic
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Slowly - Remixes EP 2. 10 days ago
famously played by mark farina on his seasons one mix https://www.discogs.com/DJ-Mark-Farina-Seasons-One/release/120994
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Kutz - Untitled. 10 days ago
track B2 is taking sample from https://www.discogs.com/Chez-N-Trent-The-Choice/master/467 "New Dub Mix"
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Chunky Cheese - Vol. 4. 10 days ago
"slave to the vibe!" i think i've tried to find this tune in the past searching for the lyric not finding anything of course, nice piano track, this one is sampling https://www.discogs.com/Aftershock-Slave-To-The-Vibe/release/79608
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu The Budfellas* - Pipe Style. 10 days ago
i think i had this "pipe style" track on a frankie bones tape back in the day "set you free!, set you free!" great track
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Phreeky Disko - First Slice. 11 days ago
i need you is redoing JINGO! by Candido (1981) https://www.discogs.com/Candido-Jingo/release/168057
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Undergraduates - Hipswinger. 11 days ago
the lenny fontana mix is lifting samples from Bobby Thurston (1980) https://www.discogs.com/Bobby-Thurston-Check-Out-The-Groove/release/469874
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Disco-Tex - Vol. 1. 11 days ago
bonus brover is sampling the brothers johnson "Stomp!" (1980) https://www.discogs.com/The-Brothers-Johnson-Stomp/release/214112
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Greed Featuring Ricardo Da Force - Pump Up The Volume. 11 days ago
this track is a cheesy remake mash up of eric morillos track "The new Anthem" https://www.discogs.com/Reel-2-Real-Featuring-Erick-Moore-The-New-Anthem/master/75990 and the nightcrawlers ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Chubb Rock - Life. 11 days ago
i think "life" might be sampling the track by Imagination called "Changes" (1982) https://www.discogs.com/Imagination-Changes/release/815894
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Romentertainment - Shuffle EP. 11 days ago
dance yo body! relax yo soul! welcome to planet touch the "HO!" sample sounds like it is from a "chubb rock" track
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Tronic Pulse - I Like / No No. 11 days ago
taking it's name from the original from Young & Company Like [What You're Doing To Me] (1980) https://www.discogs.com/Young-Company-I-Like-What-Youre-Doing-To-Me/release/2998522
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Anorak Trax - Vol. 3. 11 days ago
child called jazz is sampling KLEEER! "Keep your body workn" from the 1970s dropping some organ instrumentation over top
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu The Wickermen - Wanna Get High. 11 days ago
the title of this record is coming from samples taken from Brass Construction's Movin track (1975) https://www.discogs.com/Brass-Construction-Movin-Talkin/master/6426
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu DJ Disciple - On The Dancefloor (Remix). 11 days ago
the roach motel dub sounds influenced by D-train's "You're the one for me" (1981) https://www.discogs.com/D-Train-Youre-The-One-For-Me/release/56200
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Various - Unreleased Masters At Work Mixes. 12 days ago
thrill me is a legendary soulful track which champions that late 90s / early 2000s smooth + rough at the same time vocal house vibe - ahead of its time & timeless
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Way Out West - Ajare. 12 days ago
tharobster; the wildpitch mix appealed more to a garage/club crowd while the other mixes appealed moreso to the rave techno event crowd; theres no need to compare the two as they arent really even in the same category of appeal
hat einen Kommentar gepostet , der inzwischen gelöscht wurde. 12 days ago
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu The Ethics - To The Beat Of The Drum (La Luna). 12 days ago
very popular in north american rave events in the mid 1990s
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Latino Circus - In Your Soul. 12 days ago
huge anthems from late 94 / early 95 - cevin fisher brings a core underground garage classic few years later picked up and remixed by the deep dish boys
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Hard-Headed* - New York Express. 12 days ago
toothbrush country got played alot in the mid 1990s - almost like a bonus beat - the track is devoid of a bassline and mostly percussion + samples
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Aquarius (2) - Let's Get Down. 12 days ago
lets get down is sampling chic i want your love (1978) https://www.discogs.com/Chic-I-Want-Your-Love/release/1076042
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Rythm Masters, The* - The Fantasy E.P.. 12 days ago
this was a solid garage aNTHEM in summer 95 being rinsed often with productions by the likes of SMokin Beats Mousse T Boris Dlugosch RIP productions Herbert etc a unique track very memorable brings me right back to nights dancing for hours till my legs ... Vollständige Rezension ansehen
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Queen & Disco - Nothin' Fancy EP. 12 days ago
the b side is sampling Air Power "Be Yourself" (1979) https://www.discogs.com/Air-Power-Be-Yourself/release/202125
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu J. EX-S* - Come On (When You Cry). 13 days ago
lots of sampling from (1983) goin on here; check it https://www.discogs.com/Gwen-Guthrie-Peanut-Butter/release/2020340
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu The Uptown Funksters - Remy & Coke / I Chilled. 13 days ago
remy & coke sounds to be samplng the track by Mystic bill called "Jungle line" by Sundowners (Mystic Bill) from (1993) https://www.discogs.com/Sundowners-Tribal-Passages-EP/master/131255
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu R.M. Project - Smokin' Rhythms Volume Two. 13 days ago
pretty sure Rock 2 the beat is sampling the track by Two Fat Guitars (1993) https://www.discogs.com/Direckt-Two-Fatt-Guitars/release/36571 or at least sampling the same thing
hat einen Kommentar gepostet zu Oscar G.* Featuring Marck Michel - Reaching Up. 13 days ago
boomin beats is the cut i remember hearing gettin played out of these 4 choices