Nurse With Wound - Spiral Insana dr._phibes_02

25. Februar 2017
Please ask the label [i=Rotorelief].
They might know, how many copies were produced.

Holger Czukay - Movie! dr._phibes_02

12. August 2016
It is the same recording like the 1979 album. Only the addition of track 5 is a difference...

Mittagspause - Mittagspause dr._phibes_02

26. Oktober 2014
Great! 20 minutes of music for 20,- €s.
Thanks to CIEN FUEGOS!!!

The Legendary Pink Dots - 10⁹ Volume 1 dr._phibes_02

30. August 2014
So wonderful, so marvelous.
Another great masterpiece, and they still had so many.
It is unbelievable, that a band existing for 34 years still can make albums of such a high quality!

Strafe Für Rebellion - Sulphur Spring dr._phibes_02

21. August 2014
Strafe für Rebellion is Bernd Kastner and S.M. Syniuga. All recordings were made by Strafe F.R. at St. Stephanus Church in Düsseldorf (Germany) between 1993 and 2013. Additional recordings were made at the Strafe studio. The church was the band's recording studio for several months. There was a main organ and a smaller one in the crypt. The music instruments of the church orchestra were also used. The sound - reinforcement system of the church and its loudspeakers were brilliant. Not only was the singer (Caterina De Re) permanently changing positions within the church, but the portable recording system was also moving, and so did several battery powered ghetto blasters which were carried inside the church building.The lyrics of Sulphur Spring were inspired by the book "Lo stato presente di tutti i paesi e popoli del mondo (Volume XI)". That book was published in Venice in 1772. Because of that the vocals are in Italian language. We own a copy of this encyclopedia. Volume XI deals with the globalization of the world of that time and the trade between Europe and the Americas and their social relationships and conditions of dependence. It is about the exploitation of the native people in north and south America on the one hand and the exploitation of the natural resources on the other hand. A magnificent return of one of Germany's most exciting Avantgarde projects. Attention: There was an error with the first pressing of this CD. If your CD has only 11 instead of 12 tracks, please get in touch with is and we will send you a replacement. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ian Watkins dr._phibes_02

19. Dezember 2013
Bad, very bad!
I don't know the music, he has made with Lostprophets, but I would not be willing, ever listening to it, with knowing what he has done.
Sad, very sad for the children.

Can - Can dr._phibes_02

10. Dezember 2013
geändert over 5 years ago
Yes, me too!
I also have the feeling, that the reproduction of the sleeves and the overall layout is made too simple, or too simple looking, for a high priced item like the "holy" Can Vinyl Box.
Wish, they would have taken more care about their inheritance.
I guess, there will not be coming much more. So this is it...

Also the "Live" 12" Album is shorter than described.
It is not 22 minutes long, but only 17 minutes long,
I must say, I am disappointed...
What happened to CAN?

Lou Reed dr._phibes_02

27. Oktober 2013
Passed away too early...
You will be missed by many...

The Rock Anthem Orchestra - Pink Floyd dr._phibes_02

10. Oktober 2013
This release is wrong on the Pink Floyd site at discogs. It's a cover band playing songs of Pink Floyd, but they are not Pink Floyd. They just have to appear on their own site...

Master Musicians Of Bukkake - Far West dr._phibes_02

30. Juli 2013
200 of each. Said John from Important Records.

Pink Floyd - The Wall dr._phibes_02

5. Januar 2013
The recording was definately finished long before November 1979. It was released by that time...

Peter Brötzmann dr._phibes_02

11. Juli 2012
geändert over 6 years ago
“Brötzmann, the tenor sax player, one of the greatest alive.” - Bill Clinton (former President of the United States of America), when asked by the Oxford American to name a musician people would be surprised he listened to.

Various - Hoisting The Black Flag dr._phibes_02

2. März 2012
This record is now 32 years old, and it has not lost it's fascination.
It is still a beautiful, interesting and strangely irritating record. No wonder, it has changed life after listening into another sphere. The beauty is not to weight with gold.
It is very special. Highly recommended to all into Weird, Industrial, Experimental, Art & Sounds and other strange musical weirdos...

Pearls Before Swine - Constructive Melancholy - 30 Years Of Pearls Before Swine dr._phibes_02

30. Januar 2012
"... a scrupulous compilation of the best Tom Rapp songs would be something to have, hold and love for a lifetime..." Stephen Holden, Rolling Stone.

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - Immersion Box Set dr._phibes_02

4. November 2011
geändert over 7 years ago
I am ready now.

Please leave your critical comments...

Nurse With Wound - The Vernacular Surface dr._phibes_02

12. Juli 2011
geändert over 7 years ago
Unfortunately, Korekuta's review about this release is quite right.


Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross - The Social Network dr._phibes_02

8. April 2011
OK, I just said something about the CD version... Sorry about the bad vinyl experience...

Master Musicians Of Bukkake - Elogia De La Sombra as reviewed by dr._phibes_02

8. April 2011
This EP of The Master Musicians Of Bukkake is an absolutely MUST HAVE, for everyone interested in Krautrock, Space Rock and Psychedelic Rock, furthermore experimental and drug-inspired, abstract and in particular everone interested in the movies of Jodorovski, especially The Holy Mountain.

Brainticket - Celestial Ocean dr._phibes_02

12. Mai 2010
Puh, I just like to recommend this record (reissue) to everyone, who still has
problems, or has reservation against this album by extremely fantastic cosmic rock band from Switzerland.

All I can say, there is no need to,

it's simply overwhelming!

Steven Stapleton from Nurse With Wound knows it...


Robert Wyatt - Radio Experiment Rome, February 1981 as reviewed by dr._phibes_02

25. Februar 2010
geändert over 9 years ago
This is a very recommended release for all followers of Robert Wyatt's musical excursions since his departure from Soft Machine and Matching Mole.
The music is very experimental and all sounds made by Wyatt himself. He had the luck to do what he wants to... And he could!

Go on, try to buy it somewhere as CD or better as LP.
You (who knows what to expect) will not be disappointed...