Ropes End - A Mind Is A Terrible Thing as reviewed by eleelandc

28. August 2018
IT-speak 4 track recordings from the city that never sleeps (Dennis, MA)

White Rock (3) - Another Chance as reviewed by eleelandc

24. Mai 2018
Another Chance is a decent enough acoustic number with harmony vocals and looming bass, but the real treasure here is Please Don't Run Away with it's kind of unique super saturated fuzzed out electric guitar and shredding lead guitar break.

Push Button And The Dial Tones - San Antone eleelandc

23. April 2018
Push Button And The Dial Tones 45 on Remus come out in 1966 and was featuring Denny Ezba (http://wdd.mbnet.fi/dennyezba.htm)

The Perry Mates* - Come To Me eleelandc

28. Februar 2018
San Records also used the cat # SAN 1522     for       PERRY MATES
Wake Up Sleeping Beauty/  Crying My Heart Out

The Joy Train Quartet - Our Mother's Favorite Hymns as reviewed by eleelandc

11. August 2017
Solid acapela group sound! Hymns in harmony out of Houston Texas!

Dea. James Williams* - Stay With Me Jesus eleelandc

26. Februar 2017
Awesome soulful vocal joined by wah wah organ and drum machine. A really special recording!

Mike And Mitch With The Special Events - When I Walk With You as reviewed by eleelandc

26. Februar 2017
Late 60's teen pop that was probably shooting to be one thing, but I kind of like it more due to the fact that it ended up in a different place. cool organ sound of the period and clean notey lead guitar that would not be out of place on a velvet underground LP (more on the sunday morning side of their sound than the sister ray side)

Darwin Henson - Mr. Gospel Guitar as reviewed by eleelandc

26. Februar 2017
Reverb'd out slapback country electric guitar instrumentals of gospel standards. Kind of great!

Jambeaux - Honky Tonk as reviewed by eleelandc

4. Juni 2016
Odd for the genre, this is a synth-based country 1-4-5 workout. I would guess that this was the result of a Houston Texas studio buying a synth in the mid 70's and putting it to use.

Steve Safos - I'm So Lonely as reviewed by eleelandc

29. Mai 2016
Great moody, loner vibes. Recommended for fans of private press records!

Barry Goldberg - Carry On eleelandc

10. Mai 2014
Frank Zappa and Mike Bloomfield hired as session musicians.

Regis Mull - I Saw Your Face as reviewed by eleelandc

26. April 2014
Kinda tuff sounding psych cut with a troggs-y " I can't control myself" / Mccoys "Hang On Sloopy" style vocal delivery, 12 string and some eastern lead guitar and generally interesting pop production with touches of strings and brass.

Pierce Arreau - Let Me Take A Ride In Your Motorcar as reviewed by eleelandc

8. Februar 2014
Let Me Take A Ride In Your Motorcar has that all too common "ragtime" approach that many Psychedelic artists went with at the time for a song here or there. Chandelier Ball has a great trippy hippy psych vibe.. Fuzz Acid And Flowers wrote that "Pierce Arreau was actually Rod Russell, an accomplished Dallas musician. This was officially the last release on Mark."

Sammy Marshall - You And I Forever, Darling as reviewed by eleelandc

25. Januar 2014
Decidedly more "swingin'" backing accompaniment than the other Sherwood Ep that I have (Sammy Marshall - I Was Planning A Little Lovenest ), like the musicians were trying to add a "Soul" sort of vibe to it (as opposed to the country slant of the aforementioned other ep.). Still firmly in the "pop vocal" realm and not a floor filler for your northern night, but an enjoyable listen in a song poem sort of way.

Marty Robbins - Don't Worry as reviewed by eleelandc

18. Dezember 2013
Sweet fuzzed treatment on the guitar break

Bill Bryan And The Goldtones - Rocking Chair as reviewed by eleelandc

16. Dezember 2013
A side is a rocker/stomper with sax breaks - B side is a ballad

Jerry Mason (3) - You Are Lonely as reviewed by eleelandc

12. Dezember 2013
Sort of a crooner-y couple of numbers with orchestral backing (as was the style at the time).

Denim (7) - Denim eleelandc

7. Dezember 2013
Bill Browder on all of the releases.... Which makes it wrong?