Wynton Kelly - Comin' In The Back Door jvaahtera

7. Juli 2019
Totally easy listening but very good at that. In my book easy listening is not a sell out, just a different art form that has to be measured with different stick from jazz. Just my 2 cents.

Big Joe / The Soul Defenders* - Red Robe / A Little Bit jvaahtera

7. Mai 2019
This is not Little Joe (Ranking) but Big Joe. Comparison with known Big Joe tracks will help. They're distinct artists.

Cornel Campbell* - Rasta Come From Jail jvaahtera

6. März 2019
This Crazy Joe 7" is exactly the same version marked as a Bunny Lee production elsewhere. Joe Gibbs used to distribute Bunny Lee's music - I guess that would explain why same music has two different producers.

Jim Brown (2) - Nowaday's Crisis jvaahtera

3. März 2019
There's a polarization/inverted phase error, pressed on the record. A temporary fix is to reverse the + and - cables of the other speaker (doesn't matter which one) and you'll get sound how it's supposed to sound. Or record it as digital file and invert either of the channels.

Dub Specialist - Mello Dub jvaahtera

26. November 2018
geändert 8 months ago
The untitled track A6 carries the melody line from Bobby Capó's 'Piel Canela' (Not the first verses but the refrain: "Me importas tú, y tú, y tú, y solamente tú, y tú, y tú, me importas tú, y tú, y tú, y nadie mas que tú. Ojos negros, piel canela que me llegan a desesperar")
Not my discovery initially, but I got this information from Mr Chris Lane and I thought it would be worth sharing here as well.
I don't know if there ever was a vocal version. The melody is played on wind instruments on this dub.

Ack Van Rooyen - Dream Party - Sound For Swinging Lovers jvaahtera

5. November 2018
This is not entirely an Ack van Rooyen album since majority of the tracks doesn't feature the trumpeter at all. An unknown clarinetist and saxophonist play most of the tracks. (OK, unless Ack played the sax and clarinet as well, I can't comment on that).

The Shadows - Hurrah ! For The Shadows jvaahtera

4. September 2018
Please note: Stereo on this French issue is a simulated stereo, the original mono source tampered with, not a genuine stereo recording.

Alton Ellis / Impact All Stars - Too Late To Turn Back Now jvaahtera

30. Juni 2018
Looks like Ackee version of this release has a funny miscredit (= C. Otis). Clyde Otis indeed composed a song called Too Late To Turn Back Now, but this version here is not the same song or a derivative, but a completely different early 70's song by Eddie Cornelius.

Wayne Jarrett - Nice & Easy / Nice Dub jvaahtera

26. Juni 2018
Nice & Easy has absolutely nothing to do with the Smokey Robinson era Miracles. It's a cover song from post-Smokey Robinson era (original song title is Do It Baby) and penned by Christine Yarian and Freddie Perren.

Derrick Harriott - Soul Sister jvaahtera

25. Juni 2018
Cover version from German 1976 original by Ronnie Jones: Soul Sister

Nickto Marshall - I Have Change as reviewed by jvaahtera

10. Juni 2018
Quite wonderful and original song from the early 80's that doesn't resemble anything that came out that time. Gospel, xian revival and Jamaican rural influences galore combined with hard roots rhythm. The tune begins with a unique mariachi flavoured trumpet intro!

The Burning Spears* / Lascelles Perkins - Rocking Time / Tell It All Brother as reviewed by jvaahtera

9. Juni 2018
In spite of the fraudulent writing credit on this release the song was actually penned and first performed by country & western writer and performer Alex Harvey (2). Kenny Rogers & The First Edition was the hit version and the original Harvey song remained as an obscure release. It was faithfully covered by Lascelles Perkins.

Papa Kojak - Love Girl jvaahtera

3. Juni 2018
Half-rapped half-sung dancehall reggae version of Girl You Know It's True. Recorded ca. 1989/1990

The Ventures - Surfing jvaahtera

24. Mai 2018
Removed from the master now. Pipeline is the only common song. 11 different songs.

Sly, Robbie* & Brackenidge* - Taxi Connection jvaahtera

24. Mai 2018
Arnold Brackenridge's Trumpet melody based on an old spiritual "Down By The Riverside" aka. "Ain't Gonna Study War No More".

Leif Andersson (5) - Med Andra Ord jvaahtera

11. Mai 2018
Sounds like Mongolian throat singing without the overtones. Strange record indeed

King Curtis - Do Your Thing jvaahtera

12. April 2018
On my Dutch copy A5 and B6 are the same exact tracks. I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You is played twice and the release omits the track When A Man Loves A Woman, that was supposed to be track A5

Craig Hundley Trio - Arrival Of A Young Giant as reviewed by jvaahtera

12. März 2018
geändert about 1 year ago
Amazing piano trio stuff, with or without handicap for the players' age. Well worth buying for the music and performance alone. The pint sized bass player Hassan Shakur (still as J.J. Wiggins here) shows great maturity with his custom made mini bass :-)
A solid **** rating.

Dexter Gordon - Blues Walk! The Montmartre Collection Vol. II jvaahtera

21. Januar 2018
Blues Walk featured here on this Montmartre album is not a composition by Lou Donaldson, even though it's credited to him as "Donaldson". Instead it's a song with the same name or alternatively Loose Walk by either Clifford Brown or Sonny Stitt (sources may vary). Lou Donaldson's song is a different "Blues Walk".

Marcus Gordon jvaahtera

20. Dezember 2017
Yes. Moved the Motown composer now. However, Dancin' Dancin' by The Blackbyrds is by different Marcus Gordon (Marcus Thomas Gordon -and it's his only registered composition).

Ralph Dollimore - Piano Dimensions jvaahtera

3. November 2017
I was expecting more of a easy listening style LP. But instead it's a good, "real" jazz trio album, if that matters any. Great find methinks. Nothing innovative for sure. But if you like 60's piano trio jazz with contemporary songs with no avantgarde style you won't go amiss. I enjoy it a lot.

Joseph Cotton - Dancehall Days 1976-1984 jvaahtera

23. Oktober 2017
geändert about 1 year ago
This release has a picture of the 7" release https://www.discogs.com/Joseph-Cotton-Izzesse-I/release/3453442 displayed on the gatefold cover. However it's a release by non-related Joseph Cotton (3). Joseph Cotton himself has confirmed it's not him.


In this same article he also denies the often mentioned relationship with Count Ossie. True - his father was named Ossie, but not the same as the famed rastafarian drummer.