I like industrial, ebm, coldwave, rhythmic noize, breakcore, idm, psy-trance, and some gothic. And as you might be able to tell buy waaaay too many CDs

And yaaay for real physical CDs!!!

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Reakt[ion] - Watching The Escape
hat eingetragen Reakt[ion] - Watching The Escape. over 10 years ago
DSX (3) - Anonymous EP
hat eingetragen DSX (3) - Anonymous EP. over 10 years ago
Amphetamine Virus - Gradual Shift
hat eingetragen Amphetamine Virus - Gradual Shift. over 10 years ago
Reakt[ion] - We Are The Cause Of Our Own Despair
hat eingetragen Reakt[ion] - We Are The Cause Of Our Own Despair. over 10 years ago
Contaminated Intelligence - Shutting Down
hat eingetragen Contaminated Intelligence - Shutting Down. over 10 years ago
Various - Futronik Structures Vol.6
hat eingetragen Various - Futronik Structures Vol.6. over 10 years ago