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Best Vinyl Subscription Services

Trending new releases, reissues, and rarities delivered straight to your door.

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Exploring the shelves at your favorite record store, following your favorite artists and labels for updates on new releases, searching in the Discogs Marketplace — there are several fun ways to find records. But what if the music was delivered directly to you? Vinyl subscription services offer regular deliveries of trending releases, reissues, and rarities. Services vary by timing, genre, and other specialties. These are the five best vinyl subscription services no matter your taste in music.

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Black Box Record Club Subscription Service

Black Box Record Club

Incredible vinyl curated just for you

Black Box Record Club offers one of the most personal subscriptions for vinyl collectors. The service uses your Spotify and Discogs accounts to analyze your most-streamed and most-collected artists, then sends you two specially curated LPs per month. If you don’t have either of those accounts, you can still receive a personalized subscription through a simple survey to build your “Taste Profile.” As a member, you’ll also receive custom merchandise and access to exclusive giveaways.

Collectors living in the United States enjoy free shipping. Black Box Record Club delivers worldwide beginning November 2021.

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Vinyl Moon Subscription Service

Vinyl Moon

The only vinyl “mixtape” club

The beauty of a mixtape or playlist is that they take you on a listening journey. Now, imagine that same beauty in colored vinyl form. Vinyl Moon delivers a compilation LP of new music each month. Each edition is accompanied by a lyric booklet and unique record jackets designed specifically for Vinyl Moon subscribers. Launched by The Burning Ear blog, this service is aimed at vinyl lovers that enjoy quality packaging and pressings as much as they do music.

Collectors living in the United States enjoy free shipping. Vinyl Moon delivers to most countries. Use the code DISCOGS at checkout and save 10% on a new membership!

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Vinyl Post Subscription Service

Vinyl Post

Indie music pressed on vinyl postcards

Vinyl Post is a monthly love letter for record collectors. In your package, you’ll receive a single pressed on postcard-shaped vinyl that features a handwritten message from that month’s artist. Yes, you read that correctly. Each month, a real vinyl postcard is delivered to you. The subscription is curated by the Birp music blog, so fans of indie rock, alternative, dreampop, and similar music styles will want to sign up.

Vinyl Post delivers worldwide. Use the code PENPAL when joining to get your first single for just $2.

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Vnyl Mnky Subscription Service


Discover new music on the best format possible

Vinylmnky offers two different subscription options: one based on your favorite musical style and another based on brand-new releases from trending artists. The latter, called the Breakthrough Record of the Month, includes custom goodies chosen specifically by the artists and their labels. You can also opt for a gift membership to subscribe your friends and family. In addition to these services, Vinylmnky has an online store for other record necessities ranging from equipment to accessories.

Vinylmnky delivers worldwide.

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Vinyl Me Please Subscription Service

Vinyl Me, Please

Give records that tell stories worth sharing

If you’re not quite sure which subscription fits your lifestyle, then Vinyl Me, Please is for you. The service provides one monthly subscription model with four different “tracks” to match your musical needs: classics, essentials, hip-hop, and country. No matter your track, club members will be treated to a deluxe-edition version of the album, which could mean colored vinyl, custom art, or other exclusive add-ons. Switching between tracks or swapping your monthly delivery is easy.

Vinyl Me, Please offers free shipping to members and delivers worldwide.

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