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How to Navigate the 16 Million Releases in the Discogs Database

People have cataloged more than 16 million releases in the Database. These unique pressings of popular albums show just how much you can discover on Discogs.

Discogs is the world’s largest online music database and marketplace for physical releases, but that type of reputation didn’t develop overnight. Over the last 22 years, passionate users have contributed releases to the Discogs Database so music fans all over the world can learn, discover, collect, and catalog their records, CDs, cassettes, and so much more. 

Each and every release that’s been added includes useful information that collectors, sellers, and music aficionados can use to connect with fellow members of a global music community. This info includes details about the pressing, the year the release came out, which songs appear on the tracklist, and other details that help users find the version that’s right for them. 

Discogs recently reached a significant milestone as people have now added more than 16 million releases to the Database! To celebrate this extraordinary achievement, Discogs has tracked down some of the most interesting versions of popular albums that users have cataloged over the years. 

With each unique release, you’ll find some intriguing information pulled directly from the Database. You’ll also find a few digging tips that will explain how each album was unearthed on Discogs. Then, you can use these tips to carve out your own paths of musical discovery!

Original Japanese Pressing of Van Halen’s 1984 With Some Extra Goodies

Van Halen
LP, Black Vinyl, Japanese Pressing

Interesting Pressing Details: This 1984 Japanese pressing includes an obi strip, a four-page insert featuring lyrics and liner notes, and a sheet of collectible Van Halen stickers.

How to Find It: Once you land on the master release page — the page that represents the album in the Database — for Van Halen’s 1984, you’ll see four dropdown options beneath the Versions heading. By selecting the country option and selecting Japan, you will find every Japanese pressing of 1984. You’ll see the version featured here at the top of the list because the default sorting is by year of release.

Filter by country

Official Reissue of Frank Ocean’s Blond With a New Spelling

Hip Hop, Funk / Soul, Pop
Frank Ocean
Contemporary R&B
Vinyl, Album, Reissue

Interesting Pressing Details: An official vinyl reissue of Frank Ocean’s Blond was finally released in December 2022 after six long years of fans waiting. This official version features a full-color gatefold jacket, a foldout insert and poster, and the title written as Blonde instead of Blond.

How to Find It: Hyped new releases like this one can be found using the Trending Releases tool. Select the Explore tab at the top of the homepage and select Trending Releases under the Discover section. This will show you releases that are currently creating a buzz throughout the Discogs community.

Filter by Trending Release

Beyoncé’s Renaissance With an Alternative Cover

Electronic, Funk / Soul, Pop
Electronic, Funk / Soul, Pop
2 x LP, Black 180g Vinyl, Limited Edition, Alternative Cover

Interesting Pressing Details: This one-time pressing of Beyoncé’s 2022 albums features alternative cover art of her wearing a white cowboy hat, silver headpiece, and sparkling fringe as she sits atop the horse from the standard pressing’s cover. The artwork also has a painting of horses in the background.

How to Find It: If you’re a collector focused on limited-edition pressings, you can use the Format filter to narrow your search down to those more elusive versions. When viewing the master release page for Beyoncé’s Renaissance, select the Format dropdown and select the box next to the phrase Limited Edition. Now, you’ll be able to view the versions of the release labeled as limited and easily find the pressing you want most.

Filter by Limited Edition

1990 Version of the Coveted Twin Peaks Soundtrack

Music From Twin Peaks
Angelo Badalamenti
Electronic, Jazz, Stage & Screen
LP, Black Vinyl

Interesting Pressing Details: Although it has been reissued multiple times over the years, the original European pressing of Music From Twin Peaks features artwork that perfectly captures the atmosphere of the show. This particular version is one of the top 10 most collected releases from 1990.

How to Find It: You can explore the most collected albums from any year by using a few filters. Start with the Explore All page that can be found under the Explore dropdown on the Discogs homepage. On the left side, you’ll see different filter categories and options. Under Decade, select 1990. Once you are on the Decade page for 1990, you can select the 1990 Year filter option on the left to view releases that are listed as being released that year. Select the Sort dropdown in the top right corner and choose the Most Collected option. Now you can view all the most collected releases from 1990.

Filter by Decade, Year, and Most Collected Release

My Bloody Valentine’s Most Collected Release

m b v
My Bloody Valentine
LP, Black 180g Vinyl, Gatefold

Interesting Pressing Details: This version of My Bloody Valentine’s beloved album was recorded, mixed, and cut using only analog technology. Even though the pressing is described as being “limited due to manufacturing restrictions,” this pressing of m b v is the most collected of their releases in the Database.

How to Find It: Under the Explore tab at the top of the homepage, select the Advanced Search option. In the By Artist field, type in My Bloody Valentine and select the green Search button at the bottom. Select the Release tab at the top of the results. Using the Sort dropdown in the top right corner, select the Most Collected option. The first entry, the analog pressing of m b v, is the most collected version of any My Bloody Valentine album.

Filter by Advanced Search, Artist, and Most Collected Release

The Dark Side of the Moon Audiophile Box Set

The Dark Side Of The Moon
Pink Floyd
LP, Black Vinyl, Box Set, Limited Edition

Interesting Pressing Details: This 1981 box set of the most collected album on Discogs features half-speed mastering of the original stereo master tapes pressed on high-definition “super vinyl.” The release was limited to 5,000 custom pressings that each came with a certificate of authenticity.

How to Find It: Type The Dark Side Of The Moon into the search bar at the top of the homepage and select the master release page, which should be the first option. Once you land on the master release page, scroll down to the Versions section, select the Format dropdown, and select Box Set. Then, you’ll see every box set option with this release listed first.

Filter by Box Set