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Discogs Collectors Make History with 750 Million Records in Global Collection

The worldwide community of record collectors on Discogs just hit a new world’s first: 750 million cataloged records in the Discogs Collection Tool.

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Have you ever wondered what one million records would look like? Now multiply that by 750.

The Discogs Collector Community just surpassed a new milestone in music collecting. Across a variety of formats, genres, and countries, the global Discogs community, utilizing the Discogs Collection Tool, hit 750 million releases cataloged. In 2021, the global Discogs community reached 500 million records in their collection, equating to 50% growth in just three years. 

That’s a lot of records.

The Discogs Collection Tool allows collectors to categorize, organize, and estimate the value of their music collection. It’s also a unique way to showcase your collection to fellow Discogs collectors. With millions of people using the site’s Collection capabilities, Discogs wanted to dig into how the Community uses this powerful tool.

Discogs found compelling insights into what is being collected and where, as well as further evidence of the Taylor Swift phenomenon that has swept the past several years of record collecting. But first, here are some interesting numbers from the Discogs Database.

Average Collection Size: 200 items
Median Collection Size: 20 items
Largest Discogs Collection: 634,000 items
Smallest Discogs Collection: 1 item
Average Collection Value: $320.25
Most Collected Artist: The Beatles (4,700,000 Collected)
Most Collected Master Release: Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon (575,000 Collected)
Most Collected Release: Daft Punk Random Access Memories (2006) (68,000 Collected)
Most Expensive Release in Collection: Prince The Black Album (Average $27,500)

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Top 10 Discogs Collectors By Country

Where does the Discogs Collection Tool get the most use globally? These are the top 10 countries worldwide where Discogs sees the most collecting:

1. United States: 32%
2. United Kingdom: 11%
3. Germany: 10%
4. France: 6%
5. Netherlands: 5%
6. Canada: 5%
7. Italy: 4%
8. Spain: 3%
9. Australia: 3%
10. Belgium: 2%

The Discogs community reaches far beyond North America and Europe though. Here are a few select locations from around the globe where Discogs collectors are located:

China: 800
Réunion Island: 250
Sri Lanka: 100
Uganda: 40
Tunisia: 1

Top 10 Most Collected Formats of 2023

It’s no secret that the vinyl revival still rules most Discogs Collections, but what’s surprising is that collectors on Discogs have no limits when it comes to collecting eccentric formats, from Microcassettes to Betamax tapes to Sabamobil tapes from the 1960s. Here are the top 10 collected formats:

1. Vinyl: 73,000,000 (70%)
2. CD: 24,000,000 (23%)
3. Cassette: 1,600,000 (2%)
4. All Media: 1,500,000 (1%)
5. DVD: 900,000 (1%)
6. File: 625,000 (1%)
7. CDr: 330,000
8. Shellac: 260,000
9. Blu-ray: 150,000
10. SACD (Super audio CD): 112,000

And here’s a look at some of the more obscure collected formats on Discogs:

Minidisc (Magnetic, erasable, pocket disc): 7,000
SelectaVision (RCA trademarked audio tape): 140
Mighty Tiny (Toy record player): 30
Pocket Rocker (Fisher-Price pocket stereo): 15
Sabamobil (Magnetic tape audio cartridge): 1

Top 15 Most Collected Genres of 2023

Top genres of Discogs collectors image

In 2023, more than 100 million releases were added to the Discogs Collection Tool, spanning an array of genres, from Rock to Children’s Music. Here are the top most collected genres of 2023, by the numbers:

1. Rock: 53,000,000 (53%)
2. Electronic: 22,000,000 (22%)
3. Pop: 18,800,000 (19%)
4. Funk/Soul: 10,000,000 (9%)
5. Jazz: 8,000,000 (8%)
6. Folk, World, & Country: 7,000,000 (7%)
7. Hip-Hop: 5,900,000 (6%)
8. Stage & Screen: 3,300,000 (3%)
9. Classical: 3,000,000 (3%)
10. Blues: 3,000,000 (3%)
11. Reggae: 2,000,000 (2%)
12. Latin: 2,000,000 (2%)
13. Non-Music: 850,000 (1%)
14. Children’s: 375,000
15. Brass & Military: 86,000

Most Collected: 2020 To The Present

The number of music fans using Discogs to catalog their collections has grown tremendously year over year, with Taylor Swift bringing in consistent numbers to the Discogs Collection Tool from 2020 to the present. These five Swift releases are the most collected albums of the 2020s in Discogs’ Collection Tool:

1. Taylor Swift, Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions (In 29,000 Collections)
2. Taylor Swift, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) (In 16,000 Collections)
3. Taylor Swift, Midnights Jade Green Marbled version (In 13,000 Collections)
4. Taylor Swift, Midnights Moonstone Blue Marbled version (In 12,000 Collections)
5. Taylor Swift, 1989 (Taylor’s Version) (In 11,000 Collections)

What Does Your Record Collection Mean To You?

And finally, last year, Discogs surveyed over 50,000 Discogs collectors about their collections and the motivation behind their collector’s journeys. This handful of quotes represents a small cross-section of Discogs collectors:

– “It’s all about the emotional connection to the music and the artist.”
– “It’s a great way to pay tribute to the music that has influenced me greatly.”
– “It’s a passion, as I am a music lover.”
– “I’m replacing and building the collection I had in my youth.”
– “It’s everything.”

Happy collecting and thanks for helping Discogs reach this huge milestone! See ya at one billion records!