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9 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Record Collector

From Cataloging your Collection to visiting your local record store, Discogs shares these New Year’s resolutions for every record collector.

The start of a new year is a traditional time to make resolutions for the year to come, and there are a few things every record collector can do to start their year off right. From cataloging your collection to visiting your local record store, and from clearing out the clutter to finding that one holy grail, these resolutions can help motivate your record collecting journey year-round. 

Read on for Discogs’ New Year’s resolutions for every record collector:

Catalog Your Entire Collection on Discogs

Let’s start with a big one! You’ve been thinking about it, you’ve been meaning to do it, maybe you’ve even worked your way through the As, Bs, and Cs, but now is the time to finally get it done: Catalog your entire record collection on Discogs! With Discogs’ Collection tool, you can easily catalog and organize your entire record collection, no matter the size. Check out How to Add to Your Collection on iOS or Android for more information on how to get started.

Add One Release to the Database

Discogs’ ever-growing Database of music releases is built on the knowledge and contributions of users just like you. This year, whether it’s your first time or your 500th time, why not resolve to add at least one release to the Discogs Database and share something new with the Discogs community? Check out our Quick Start Guide for New Contributors for more information on how to get started.

Find One Holy Grail Record

We all have a few holy grails on our Wantlists, those rare and sought-after records that remain elusive or out of reach and which fuel our crate digging and hunting over the years. For 2024, let’s cross one of those records off your list and move it from Wantlist to Collection. With Discogs’ Wantlist and Marketplace features, you can easily find that record you’ve been searching for and make this your year.

Sell Records You Haven’t Listened to in a While – and Use the Money to Buy New Records

It’s the circle of life for any great record collection: the old or unloved records must sometimes make way for the new. If you’re feeling like your record collection could use some refresh, why not list some of those under-appreciated albums on the Discogs Marketplace, and keep the dollar circulating with the purchase of some shiny new-to-you records to take their place? Check out How to Sell Music on Discogs for more information on how to get started.

Use the Shake Your Discogs/Randomizer Tool to Listen to Records in Your Collection You’ve Forgotten 

Maybe you’re not ready to sell off the old Collection, you’ve just lost touch with some of those old favorites hidden on the shelves. If so, try using #ShakeYourDiscogs this year to surface random picks from your Collection to revisit. On the Discogs app, simply open your Collection, and shake your phone. On Desktop, open your Collection, and click on “Random Item” next to the search field.

Play Every Record in your Collection at Least Once This Year

Better yet, why not listen to every record in your Collection this year? There are 525,600 minutes in a year, so if the average LP is around 30-50 minutes in length, that gives you time to listen to 10,512 of them, not accounting for sleep. That might not cover the biggest collectors on Discogs, but it may be enough time for most of us to get through our entire Collections in 2024.

Upgrade Your Set-up

Whether it’s finding the right set of speakers, upgrading your turntable, or even furnishing the listening room of your dreams, check out Discogs Digs’ Gear & Accessories page for hi-fi recommendations and online shopping options to make 2024 your year.

Clean Your Records

Okay, you’ve sorted your collection, you’ve upgraded your set-up, but have you cleaned your records? Vinyl is a durable physical medium, but like any format, it requires proper storage and care. Check out Discogs guide on How to Clean Vinyl Records to make sure you’re hearing the best possible sound in the year to come.

Visit Your Local Record Store

Finally, why not set the intention to visit your local record stores this year. Independent record stores are an important part of the record collecting community both on Discogs and beyond, and they can always use the support. And if you don’t know your local record store, services like VinylMapper can help you locate one.

Featured image by Sean Benesh.

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