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The Ultimate Guide to Vinyl Subscription Clubs

Get trending new releases, reissues, and rarities delivered straight to your door.

Visiting a record store is a singular experience, but getting records in the mail is pretty great too. Vinyl subscription services have created a new way to discover music and each club has its own unique approach when it comes to sending records directly to your door.

Whether you want to select your own vinyl, guide the process, or leave it to the experts, this comprehensive list of vinyl subscription services is sure to have a few sub clubs that match your lifestyle.

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Limited-Edition Vinyl

These services offer exclusive variants of sought-after reissues and new releases.


Experience exclusive color pressings and original artist zines that help you connect with your favorite musicians on a deeper level.

Vinyl Me, Please

Grab some of the most iconic albums on unique colorways.

Secretly Society

Enjoy exclusive color vinyl versions of modern-day classics.

Gimme Metal Subscription Club

Snag limited pressings of essential metal and country records.

Curations Based on Your Taste

These clubs send you new music inspired by your personal preferences. Your tastes are defined by surveys, your Discogs account, streaming service data, and more.

Black Box Record Club

By connecting your Spotify account and providing your Discogs username, you can receive a customized vinyl bundle of two records each month.

Venus Vinyl

Select your location’s subscription page, choose from one to five records per month, and fill out a personalized subscription survey to get new releases that match your tastes.


Create a sound profile by connecting your Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram,, or Discogs accounts and select a vibe for three personalized picks a month.

The Retro

Fill out a taste profile and receive a diverse array of new and used records.

Vinyl Mnky

Choose between a breakthrough albums package or a style membership that sends you records based on musical genre.

Blind Tiger Record Club

Select your favorite music style and Blind Tiger will let you know what records are on their way ahead of time. You have the option to change your style and receive another record.

Expertly Selected Releases

If you’re looking for a vinyl surprise, let the tastemakers pick a few records for you.

Record of the Month Club

With two record shops in Mississippi, The End Of All Music uses the collective knowledge of their team to select a record of the month and deliver it to your door.

Outer Sounds

Electronic musician and record store owner Greg Davis handpicks futuristic sounds and sends one record a month to your home.

Vinyl of the Month Club: The Golden Era

The pros at Amazon Music will send you one classic record from the 1960s or ‘70s every month.

Magnolia Record Club

As a member of the Magnolia Record Club, you’ll get exclusive vinyl releases curated by artists.

Wax and Stamp

Wax and Stamp selects one LP and one 7-inch each month that showcases new and obscure sounds.

Flying Vinyl

These monthly 7-inch box sets feature emerging alternative bands and a holder to keep all the singles together on your shelf.

Casa Vinyl

This service allows you to select your own records or leave it to the experts and be surprised.

Exclusive Label Releases

If you’re a label loyalist, one of these subscriptions may be the right choice for you.

Sub Pop Singles Club

This long-running singles club is a yearly subscription that will send you two Sub Pop 7-inches every two months. Each record is limited to 1,000 copies.

Mississippi CSR

Signing up for the Mississippi CSR program ensures you’ll get every Mississippi Records release as soon as it comes out, no matter how limited it is. However, memberships are limited to 300, so you may have to reach out to be added to the waiting list.

Terror Vision Unhappy Campers Club

Specializing in horror movie soundtracks, the Unhappy Campers Club will get you six exclusive club variants of Terror Vision releases and limited edition merch.

Third Man Records Vault

Available in quarterly and yearly options, this membership entitles you to exclusive vinyl, collector’s box sets, and discounts on Third Man merchandise.

Joyful Noise VIP Membership

This service is more about providing exclusive access than sending record bundles. You will get first dibs, a few free extras, and discounts on some of the rarest versions of Joyful Noise releases.

Specialty Subscriptions

These vinyl subscriptions all offer something unique that sets them apart.

Turntable Kitchen

Choose between a coffee and vinyl pairing, food and vinyl pairing (includes ingredients and recipes), or a monthly subscription that includes a limited LP of one well-known artist covering an entire iconic album.

Vinyl Moon

Vinyl Moon creates vinyl compilations with original artwork to offer a modern twist on the classic mixtape.

Tipitina’s Record Club

Curated by artists, this record club specializes in the music and culture of New Orleans and the Gulf South.

Vinyl Post

Sign up for a Vinyl Post membership and you’ll receive indie music pressed on playable postcards.

Pre-Owned Records

If you prefer older pressings, these shops will put together a used record bundle for you.

Endless Spiral Record Club

Simply send an email overview of the music you love and you’ll receive used records based on your preferences.

Vinyl Record Club

Select the types of music you’d like to receive and expect some used records based on your selections.

Choose Vinyl

Choose how many records you want, select the titles you’d like on announcement day, and wait for your classic used records to arrive.

Published in partnership with Bandbox. Featured image courtesy of Richard Edens / Vinyl Me, Please.