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Everything You Need to Know About Cassette Week 2022

Cassette Week is confirmed for October 9-15, 2022. Learn how you can celebrate tapes.

Cassette Week is an annual celebration of all things cassettes organized by Tapehead City, an online shop based out of New York. This well-loved and important format was a pivotal piece of music technology in the 1970s and ’80s but has experienced a resurgence in recent years. Cassette culture is powered by a community of collectors who never gave up on tapes, labels, and artists who release new music on this affordable format.

Cassette Week 2022 is confirmed for October 9-15, 2022. Here’s everything you need to know.

How does Cassette Week work?

Labels will release Cassette Week exclusives, either new albums or coveted reissues, and music stores will sign up to sell those releases in-store or online. This means that inventory can vary depending on where you live or where you shop, whether it’s the local brick-and-mortar or your go-to seller on Discogs.

First, you’ll want to check out the Cassette Week releases. Next, search for your nearest cassette destination on the list of participating stores.

Where can I buy Cassette Week releases online?

On Discogs, of course! If you can’t find a shop in your region, be prepared to search for the Cassette Week releases you want in the Discogs Marketplace.

You can still support some of the participating stores directly. First, check to see if your preferred shop is selling inventory through Discogs. During Cassette Week, search for the store’s name in Discogs’ independent record store directory and head to their Seller account to score some tapes.

If you’re looking for a specific Cassette Week release, you’ll want to add it to your Discogs Wantlist. That way, you’ll get a notification when it’s added to the Marketplace.

How much are Cassette Week releases?

It varies. The price of a Cassette Week release is usually on par with a typical cassette release, which means it’s pretty affordable. However, the limited nature of Cassette Week creates a higher demand than supply. Tapes can increase in value over time.

Is Cassette Week the same as Cassette Store Day?

Cassette Week is an evolution of Cassette Store Day, which was an annual affair organized by Blak Hand Records in the United Kingdom, Side B Creations in Japan, and Burger Records in the United States. (Burger is no longer associated with Cassette Store Day or Cassette Week; Burger was dissolved due to allegations of sexual misconduct.)

Tapehead City received a “blessing” to take over promotion on the U.S. side. Thus, Cassette Week was born in 2020.

Where can I learn more about cassettes?

Discogs is best known as a destination for vinyl lovers, but the Community also loves cassettes. Maybe you’re new to collecting cassettes or maybe you’re looking for more info on the latest trends. Either way, Discogs has you covered:

Celebrate Cassette Week on October 9-15 and follow Discogs on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to join the conversation.

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