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The Most Expensive Record Store Day Releases of All Time

The priciest RSD releases sold on Discogs include special collector’s box sets and rare singles.

Record Store Day Black Friday is fast approaching on November 25. The limited-edition nature of RSD events has been known to create an aftermarket of seismic proportions. The follow ranking explores the most expensive Record Store Day releases of all time (or at least, since 2008 when RSD began).

The list is determined by the median sale value in USD on Discogs, the world’s largest online music database. This means that you might find a copy for more — or less! — in the Discogs Marketplace. If you do find one with a higher price tag, that could be an indication that the album will appreciate in value.

Obviously, the popularity of the album or artist will cause the resale value to increase. Usually, the original price tags are on par for the format or the amount pressed, but the latter is what tends to influence price over time.

For example, take a closer look at that album sitting at No. 1. There are supposed to be six copies in existence, only four of which have been claimed. The Boards of Canada 12-in was dropped on RSD 2013 purely as a promotional stunt. The actual record contains mostly dead space, a really short clip of music, and someone reading the numbers “936557” aloud. Is it the most rapturous song to come from the electronic duo? Not by a long shot. But its scarcity has ensured a top spot in this ranking (and the band eventually released a full-length later that year).

Most of the other expensive RSD releases don’t even come close to breaking the $1,000 mark, but the median values are still impressive. U.S. and European RSD pressings of Taylor Swift’s 1989 both cracked the top 10 and a very limited Paul McCartney release was able to claim the No. 3 spot.

If you’re looking for more information about Record Store Day Black Friday 2022, we have a wide variety of coverage and all the information you need on RSD Black Friday 2022 releases.

Check out Record Store Day for more information about the drops on November 25 this year. Discogs is not affiliated with the RSD organization, but we agree with their mission of brining more people into record stores.

This article has been updated in November 2022 with the most recent median sale prices.

Most Expensive RSD Releases of All Time

20. Red

Taylor Swift

Median sale price: $337.50
Label: Big Machine Records
Format: 2 X LP

19. 5 Seconds Of Summer

5 Seconds Of Summer

Median sale price: $350.00
Label: Capitol, Hi Or Hey Records
Format: LP

18. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Median sale price: $357.14
Label: Big Machine Records
Format: 2 X LP

17. The Obelisk


Median sale price: $360.05
Label: Weathermaker Music
Format: Box set

16. Team


Median sale price: $367.65
Label: Universal Music New Zealand
Format: 7-inch

15. The Days / Nights EP


Median sale price: $378.66
Label: PRMD
Format: 12-inch

14. New Year’s Eve 1995 Live at Madison Square Garden


Median sale price: $399.99
Label: Jemp Records
Format: Box set

12 (Tie). Live! At Sonic Boom Records 10/15/13

La Luz

Median sale price: $400.00
Label: Analog Ghost Recordings
Format: Lathe cut 7-inch

12 (Tie). Betty’s S.F. Blends, Volume One

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood

Median sale price: $400.00
Label: Silver Arrow
Format: 4 X LP

11. Bangerz

Miley Cyrus

Median sale price: $420.00
Label: RCA
Format: 2 X LP

Taylor Swift
Record Store Day release on color vinyl

9 (Tie). 1989

Taylor Swift

Median sale price: $460.00
Label: Big Machine Records
Format: 2 X LP

9 (Tie). Live From The Astroturf

Alice Cooper

Median sale price: $460.00
Label: Good Records Recordings
Format: 7-inch

8. The Family Tree

Radical Face

Median sale price: $479.95
Label: Nettwerk
Format: Box set

7. 1989

Taylor Swift

Median sale price: $610.12
Label: Big Machine Records
Format: 2 X LP

6. Government Plates

Death Grips

Median sale price: $695.48
Label: Harvest, Third Worlds
Format: LP

5. None More Negative

Type O Negative

Median sale price: $700.00
Label: Roadrunner Records
Format: Box set

4. Two Rivers

The Alarm

Median sale price: $787.04
Label: Not On Label
Format: 7″, S/Sided, Single, Ltd, Num

3. Sweet Thrash

Paul McCartney

Median sale price: $938.60
Label: Self-released
Format: LP

2. Vinyl Box Set


Median sale price: $997.50
Label: Upbeat Records
Format: Box set

1. —— / —— / —— / XXXXXX / —— / ——

Boards of Canada

Median sale price: $2,500.00
Label: Warp Records
Format: 12-inch

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