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A grid of record covers from artists including Amy Winehouse, Aphex Twin, and Buena Vista Social Club

12 Popular Albums for Every Record Collector

You can never have too many records, so you might as well continue the never-ending quest to discover new music. These are the most popular vinyl records according to the Discogs community, and you’ll want to make sure you have these in your own record collection.

The list is composed of the No. 1 most popular album or record in a variety of musical styles. Popularity is determined by how many members of the Discogs community have each title in their Collections (most collected) or Wantlists (most wanted).

The data surfaces the music that is essential to the community. Other metrics explore unique, rare, or coveted albums, but overwhelmingly popular music shows us what records have resonated across the years among the dedicated music fans using Discogs. The community loves all kinds of genres and the styles featured below are based on their eclectic collections.

Honorable Mentions

Popular music remains beloved throughout the years, but newer releases have not had the same opportunity to demonstrate their relevance. The following albums are the most wanted titles released in the 2020s. Time will tell whether these records find their way into the community’s Collections and remain coveted for the decades to come. Brand-new 2021 releases are anticipated to move up in ranking.

About the data: A survey of the Discogs community was conducted by email in Fall 2021. The final list was narrowed down by the number of recommendations for each album and an album’s overall popularity based on Collection and Wantlist data.

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