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Best Hi-Fi Music Streaming Services

If you want the convenience of digital music without sacrificing sound quality, one of these streaming services may be pleasing to your ears.

Although streaming has become one of the most popular methods for listening to music, there are still some outliers who feel that streaming can’t provide a hi-fi listening experience. Luckily, a handful of companies have responded to these naysayers by developing services that provide high-resolution files you can stream and download. 

Below, you’ll find a list of the best hi-fi streaming services that are currently available. Each service provides its own unique take on high quality music streaming by offering different bells and whistles. The best way to know which one is right for you is to visit the sites below and start a free trial or two.

Featured image provided by Qobuz.

The Best Hi-Fi Music Streaming Service

Qobuz logo


Leading the pack, we have the audiophile-approved streaming service Qobuz. Since 2008, Qobuz has been dedicated to digital streaming for the most discerning listeners out there. They also provide high quality digital downloads for those who aren’t completely sold on streaming. 

Qobuz Studio offers studio quality streaming of over 90 million tracks, original editorial content, and offline listening. Qobuz Sublime offers the same, but also includes discounts of up to 60% on hi-res file purchases. Each plan has three options: solo, duo, and family. That means you can add up to six accounts under one subscription. 
If you’re looking for some of the highest quality streaming and digital download options available, then you’ll definitely want to learn more about Qobuz

PriceWhere to Sign Up
$10.83 – $15
per month
Qobuz Website

Other High Quality Streaming Services

Amazon music unlimited logo

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music offers a high-quality streaming audio option called Amazon Music Unlimited. The service includes high definition streaming of over 100 million songs and exclusive albums that can be streamed in “Ultra HD.”

PriceWhere to Sign Up
$8.99 per monthAmazon Website
Tidal logo


Tidal has become known for their “master quality authenticated” music streaming and the innovative audio formats included with their hi-fi plus plan. The plan also directs up to 10% of your subscription costs to the artists you listen to most.  

PriceWhere to Sign Up
$9.99 – $19.99
per month
Tidal Website
Apple Music logo

Apple Music

Most Apple Music plans include lossless audio and you can experience immersive sound with the service’s Dolby Atmos technology. The compatibility with Siri and devices like the Apple Watch make Apple Music a convenient option for many music fans.

PriceWhere to Sign Up
$10.99 per monthApple Website
Deezer logo

Deezer Premium

Like the other services, Deezer’s premium option offers high-fidelity FLAC files and various recommendation tools for discovering new music. The flow tool curates personalized playlists and the songcatcher feature will help you track down songs you don’t know the name of.

PriceWhere to Sign Up
$10.99 per monthDeezer Website

Published in partnership with Qobuz.