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close-up of a person using a brush to clean a vinyl record on a turntable

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The Best Record Cleaning Machines

Cleaning your records by hand can go a long way, but it can be hard to remove dirt deep in your grooves. It can also become time-consuming if you are regularly buying records and giving them a wash before they land on your turntable. If you need a deeper clean for your vinyl or find the process tedious, it may be time to consider a record cleaning machine.

Record cleaning machines come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, but here are four different options that align with different stages of the record collecting journey. Whether you decide to invest your time, money, or all of the above, these machines will help you enjoy all the benefits of maintaining a clean vinyl collection.

We only talk about the best gear because we like it. However, when you purchase something through our affiliate links, Discogs may earn a commission.

Spin Clean record cleaning system on display with black vinyl record loaded

Spin Clean Record Washer

The Spin Clean is a user-friendly record washing system that allows you to deep clean both sides of your records at the same time. Simply fill the basin with the provided cleaning solution and water, place your record on top of the rollers, and start spinning!

As you guide the record with your hands, the premium record cleaning brushes will help remove dirt and the debris will sink to the bottom of the basin. That means that you can usually wash up to 50 records before changing the water. Once your records have been cleaned, you can dry them with Spin Clean’s super soft, lint-free cloths.

PriceWhere to Buy
$79.99Spin Clean
Pro-Ject VC-E record cleaning system on display with black vinyl record loaded

Pro-Ject VC-E Record Cleaning Machine

This wet/dry cleaning system is for the record collector who is ready to really invest in the cleanliness of their collection. Don’t let this machine’s compact size fool you. The highly efficient Pro-Ject VC-E features a powerful metal vacuum arm that will clean and dry your records within a matter of seconds. The VC-E’s plastic clamps hold your records in place and protect the labels during the cleaning process.

The $499 price is an investment, but one you will never regret making once you experience the enhanced sound of your clean records.

PriceWhere to Buy
$499Turntable Lab
VPI MW-1 record cleaning system

VPI MW-1 Cyclone Record Cleaning Machine

If the name VPI sounds familiar, it’s because their record cleaning machines have been used by countless record stores over the last 30 years. There are plenty of reasons why VPI is so trusted throughout the vinyl community, but the MW-1 Cyclone stands out because of its bi-directional turntable motor.

This unique feature allows you to scrub and vacuum your records in both directions for the deepest possible clean. With its durable aluminum casing and powerful vacuum motor, the MW-1 Cyclone is built to last. The VPI team claims that they kicked the final model down a flight of stairs and the only thing that was affected was the paint job!

PriceWhere to Buy
$1,760Music Direct

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