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16 Best Record Player Stands for Different Budgets

If you need the perfect spot to set up your record player and store some vinyl and gear, these turntable stands are worth checking out.

As a member of the record-collecting community, you spend a ton of time tracking down records and home audio gear. Stereo setups evolve and collections grow, so you’ll also need to search for furniture that displays your current gear and record collection to elevate your space and keep the chaos at bay. Discogs has shared the best record storage, but now it’s time to focus on the centerpiece of every listening room: the record player stand. 

The best turntable stands cover a variety of budgets, configurations, finishes, and styles. Whether you prefer a small mid-century stand, an industrial audio rack, or a rustic console with ample record storage, you’re sure to find an option here that will take your love of vinyl even further. 

We only talk about the best gear because we like it. However, when you purchase something through our affiliate links, Discogs may earn a commission. Featured image by Wicker Wood Works.

Record Player Stands Under $300

Novogratz Regal Turntable Stand

Novogratz Regal Turntable Stand

This inexpensive option is a solid choice for those with lower budgets. If you’re looking for more record storage or space for gear, Novogratz also offers the Regal Double Turntable Console for only $249.

PriceWhere to Buy
Norm Wray Record Player Stand

Mid-Century Record Player Stand by Norm Wray Creations

This hand-welded record player stand from Norm Wray Creations is incredibly stylish and sturdy. The coral, black, and red color options will make a bold statement in any listening room.

PriceWhere to Buy
Line Phono Turntable Stand

Line Phono Turntable Stand

Line Phono’s turntable stand is incredibly popular due to its modest price tag, cable management options, and convenient utility hook. The standard version is made of furniture-grade MDF, but you also have the option to make it taller or upgrade to a 13-ply birch for an extra $100.

PriceWhere to Buy
$279Line Phono
MCM Turntable Stand 3 Ft Furniture

MCM Record Player Stand by 3 ft Furniture

This simple yet sleek turntable stand by 3 Ft Furniture features a classic mid-century modern design that would work well for those with simpler stereo setups. If you use powered speakers or an all-in-one record player, add this stand to your bookmarks.

PriceWhere to Buy

Record Player Stands Under $500

OrWa Designs Turntable Stand

Mid-Century Modern Record Player Stand by OrWa Designs

OrWa Designs offers various record consoles at different price points, but this sharp stand made from solid pine is great for all types of collectors. Each stand is handmade with high-quality hardwood legs, so you can expect to hold onto this piece of furniture for years to come.

PriceWhere to Buy
Krud Furniture Turntable Stand

Record Player Stand by Krud Furniture

This stand is rustic and doesn’t rely on mid-century sensibilities. Krud Furniture utilizes thicker wooden boards and offers two dozen finish options that can complement any type of decor. The basic stand costs $435, but you can select a larger size if you’re able to stretch your budget.

PriceWhere to Buy
Silver Beard Lamp Co Audio Rack

Audiophile Audio Rack by Silver Beard Lamp Co

If you have way more than just a turntable to worry about, this Silver Beard Lamp Co audio rack will provide you with space for your integrated amplifier, CD player, tape deck, and anything else you have in your setup. The base model is just shy of $500, but you can add an extra tier or additional width if you feel so inclined.

PriceWhere to Buy
Vybe Furniture Turntable Stand

Mid Century Modern Record Console by Vybe Furniture

The feature that sets this turntable stand apart is the bright sliding door that comes in various colors. If you have a different size in mind or aren’t a fan of the flashy door, Vybe Furniture offers quite a few record player stands in their Etsy shop.

PriceWhere to Buy

Record Player Stands Under $800

Wicker Wood Works Turntable Station

The Turntable Station by Wicker Wood Works

The Wicker Wood Works Turntable Station is made by hand and features a flip-through bin and an additional shelf for additional gear or decor. The turntable station can hold up to 300 LPs, which is a major plus if you are also hoping to get some storage out of your record player stand.

PriceWhere to Buy
$600Wicker Wood Works
Department Home Turntable Stand

Small Record Cabinet / Turntable Stand with Component Drawer by Department Home

Department Home is a Chicago-based company that almost exclusively builds record storage cabinets and stands. The model featured here starts at $695, but you can add a drawer with a classy brass pull if you’re willing to pay a little extra. 

PriceWhere to Buy
Max Turntable Stand Symbol Audio

Max Turntable Stand by Symbol Audio

Don’t let this deceptively simple design fool you. Symbol Audio crafts some of the sturdiest, high-end turntable stands out there and this one features very thick birch plywood and a vibration-isolated turntable platform.

PriceWhere to Buy
$795Symbol Audio
Krovel Furniture Mid-Century Modern Stereo Console

Mid-Century Modern Stereo Console by Krovel Furniture Co

You won’t get any record storage, but this floating shelf by Krovel Furniture Co is a unique option for those with limited space. Starting at $799, this console can accommodate various types of gear with its many cord management options.

PriceWhere to Buy

Record Player Stands Under $2,000

Mecher Custom Record Player Console

Mid-Century Console by Mecher Custom

Most of Mecher Custom’s offerings cater to the vinyl community, but this particular design includes a few unique elements that set it apart. You can fit large speakers within the shelf and stash your cables and remotes in the turntable stand’s two small drawers. The base price will get you walnut veneer.

PriceWhere to Buy
$1,500 Etsy

Lo-Fi Vinyl Storage Bench With Amplifier Shelf by Peter Deeble Furniture

If you want a turntable setup but also need more places to sit, this vinyl storage bench made by Peter Deeble Furniture is a win-win. You get a stylish bench with an adjustable shelf that will meet all of your gear and seating needs.

PriceWhere to Buy
$1,575Peter Deeble Furniture
Luxe Turntable Stand Symbol Audio

Luxe Turntable Stand by Symbol Audio

With space for your turntable, amplifier, and up to 150 LPs, Symbol Audio’s Luxe Turntable Stand is a real work of art. The flip-bin style storage displays album art and provides a browsing experience that feels like you’re in a record shop. Most finish options run $1,795.

PriceWhere to Buy
$1,795Symbol Audio
DK Vinyl Displays Audio Rack

Audio Rack for Record Player with Vinyl Record Storage by DK Vinyl Displays

If you’re looking for a high-end option that doesn’t have a mid-century modern aesthetic, this record player stand by DK Vinyl Displays may be to your liking. Made with cabinet-grade plywood, this piece of furniture will give you room for your gear and up to 200 LPs.

PriceWhere to Buy