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A stack of vinyl records in sleeves

The Best Vinyl Record Sleeves

You may be thinking, “Best record sleeves? Aren’t they all the same? How different can particular types of paper and plastic be?”

Well, the answer is pretty different. However, like many aspects of record collecting, personal preference is essential to what each collector uses to protect their collection. This guide will highlight some of the best aspects of both inner and outer sleeves and help you decide which options are best for you.

If you start with clear outer sleeves that are reasonably thick and are mindful of paper inner sleeves and resealable flaps, your collection will be protected.

We only talk about the best gear because we like it. However, when you purchase something through our affiliate links, Discogs may earn a commission.

Best Vinyl Record Inner Sleeves

A picture of inner record sleeves by Bags Unlimited

Bags Unlimited Inner Record Sleeves

If you want the rigidity of a paper sleeve without the risk of paper scuffs, then these are for you. Lined with a layer of plastic called polyethylene (poly for short) on the inside, these paper and plastic hybrid sleeves only cost a little more than poly inner sleeves and don’t crinkle as much. Bags Unlimited also offers 7-inch paper inner sleeves with a poly lining.

PriceWhere to Buy
$37.50 for 50 sleevesBags Unlimited
A picture of a black vinyl record slipping into a clear inner record sleeve.

Mobile Fidelity Original Master Inner Record Sleeves

Many consider these the best inner sleeves money can buy. A paper and poly hybrid, the paper in these sleeves is sandwiched between two layers of plastic. The MoFi inner sleeves have just enough rigidity for easy handling, but also offer anti-static properties and arrows that point towards the opening of the sleeve.

PriceWhere to Buy
$19.95 for 50 sleevesTurntable Lab

Best Vinyl Record Outer Sleeves

A colorful record sleeve from Bags Unlimited

Bags Unlimited Record Jacket Sleeves

This versatile option is the gold standard for plastic outer sleeves. If you go with anything less than 3 mil, you will experience more wrinkling as you remove and refile your records. The 12 ¾” x 12 ¾” dimensions accommodate most single and double LPs. If you are looking for a more snug fit, extra dust protection, or sleeves that can accommodate box sets, you’ve got some options.

You can also get 2.5-mil poly outer sleeves for your 7-inch collection or take your protection to the next level with 4-mil mylar sleeves.

If you opt for sleeves with flaps for extra dust protection, please be advised that they can be annoying to deal with. Resealable flaps can stick to your record jackets as you move them in and out of their sleeves, which may lead to potential damage.

PriceWhere to Buy
$31.20 for 100 sleevesBags Unlimited
A stack of clear outer record sleeves by MoFi Archival

Mobile Fidelity Archival Clear Record Outer Sleeves

Mobile Fidelity makes 4-mil sleeves for the serious record collector. With their extra thickness and the option of ultra-clear polypropylene or classic polyethylene, these sleeves will keep your records pristine for years to come.

PriceWhere to Buy
$20 for 50 sleevesMobile Fidelity
A pack of outer vinyl record sleeves by Vinyl Styl

Honorable Mention: Vinyl Styl Poly Record Sleeves

If you are on a budget, these are a great option. If you see the eye-catching orange packaging at your local record shop, don’t hesitate to pick them up!

PriceWhere to Buy
$11.95 for 50Turntable Lab

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