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The Best Vinyl Record Storage to Upgrade Your Ikea Kallax Shelves

If you’re looking to start collecting records or are in need of an upgrade, these stands, shelves, and space-saving options may be right for you.

Storage has been a challenge for every record collector ever since vinyl was first introduced. Because they need to be stored upright, it’s important to have the right type of vinyl record storage for your records as your collection grows and quickly takes up more space than you’d expect. Ikea’s Kallax shelves have become a go-to option for budget-conscious collectors, but there are tons of other options out there once you are ready to move past particleboard.

This guide will address a few of the record community’s storage needs and help you invest wisely in your vinyl future.

Of course, these are only a few options out of countless storage solutions out there. As long as you clean your vinyl, put your records in plastic sleeves, store them vertically, and don’t pack them in too tight, you’ll have an immaculate collection for years to come (even if you decide to stick with the Kallax).

We only talk about the best gear because we like it. However, when you purchase something through our affiliate links, Discogs may earn a commission.

Find the Right Stand

The shelf your record player setup sits on is the centerpiece of your collection. Once you have a great turntable station in place, you can find other shelves and crates that complement it. Etsy has become a great option for custom furniture and you’ll find no shortage of record shelving throughout the site. Here are a few shops to explore.

OrWa Designs Mid Century Modern Record Stand Storage Console

OrWa Designs

This two-person crew builds everything by hand at their home workshop. Their record storage offerings are well worth the wait.

Wicker Wood Works The Turntable Station


This small company incorporates flip-forward bins into many of its designs. Once you run out of storage space, they offer a variety of matching shelves.

Pete Deeble record bench

Pete Deeble Furniture

These pieces are great for storage and providing an extra place to sit in your listening room.

Maximize Your Space

You can buy a few matching shelves and call it a day, but some of us aren’t so lucky. If you anticipate your collection will continue to grow or are the type that doesn’t stay in any one place for too long, you may want to consider modular furniture that you can easily add to or reconfigure. This type of furniture typically accommodates LPs and 7-inches, making it a very versatile choice. These companies offer some great modular options.

Vinyl record storage for your living room. A set of 12" wooden cubes holding a collection of records.

Simple Wood Goods

These wooden storage cubes are stackable and include unique door options for keeping your records dust-free.

A rolling wooden shelf with 2 tiers holding a turntable.


Mapleshade’s interlocking, solid wood modules and accessories allow you to conveniently organize and personalize your collection.

33” Wide Pole Mounted Aluminum Shelving for vinyl records

Modern Shelving

Modern Shelving offers pole-mounted options that can accommodate the weight of your collection while making the best use of available wall space.

Keep Records Off the Floor

An orange plastic bin sitting on a table holding about 20 colorful records


For years, I had the bad habit of placing recently played or purchased records on the floor. It would start with the LP I was spinning or intending to spin and before I knew it, a stack would form near my record player. Often, this stack would grow into multiple stacks, evenly spaced on the ground, leaning up against my record player stand.

Flipbin allows you to display the record you are currently playing while also providing additional storage in a compact space. They cater to LP and 45 collectors with two different models: Model 33 holds approximately 33 LPs and Model 45 holds approximately 45 7-inches.

Flipbins are made from custom fabricated steel and powder coated in a wide variety of colors. These are also great for anyone with a smaller collection who loves the look and feel of a flip-thru bin!

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