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a silver technics turntable with black rubber mat on the platter

How to Achieve Your Quest for Pure Sound

Some terms have been used countless times over the years to describe a quality of sound or technical component of home audio gear. Other terms join the audiophile lexicon as trusted brands develop new ways to take audio technology to the next level.

Technics is known for their legendary turntables, but their team of experts actually started with a set of two-way speakers that helped launch the brand in 1965. With almost 60 years under their belts, it’s only natural that the way they build their gear would evolve and the language used to describe it would inherit a few new key phrases.

“Pure sound” is one of these terms, and the Technics team was happy to explain the great lengths they’ve gone to as they take sound transparency to new heights and depths.

What is pure sound?

Much like sound transparency, pure sound is based on minimizing extraneous noise that may disrupt your listening experience. By developing an advanced circuit system, certain Technics products are able to minimize the noise caused by display, analog, and digital interfaces while music is being played.

Reducing unwanted noise within your amplifier is a great start, but you’ll want to take a few more steps with your gear to ensure you maintain pure sound every step of the way.

How do I achieve pure sound?

Step 1: Explore Dynamism

“Dynamism” is a term used by Technics to describe the dynamics and qualities of each speaker’s sound reproduction. The tweeters and woofers work together to accurately direct sound waves in unison and present the music as the artists and recording engineers intended. Track down some speakers that provide a robust soundstage and detailed imaging and you’ll be all set!

Step 2: Pursue Quiescence

“Quiescence” is the pursuit of complete silence when no sonic energy is being transmitted and eliminating sounds caused by moving and non-moving parts. Technics uses sound dampening materials in their speakers to minimize vibration and resonances caused by internal mechanisms. These features lend themselves to a truer reproduction of the original sound.

Step 3: Find the Right Balance

The next piece of the puzzle is making sure that your turntable is pulling its weight in terms of pure sound. If your record player isn’t balanced correctly, you may experience excess vibration, tracking error, and unwanted noise. Technics adjusts every turntable in their factory with high-precision balance adjustment equipment for each and every item after the turntable is assembled.

Step 4: Get the Gear

For pure sound, the Technics’ new SL-1200 Grand Class models will set you on the right sonic path. The beloved SL-1200 family of turntables features coreless direct-drive systems with high-precision motor control and a tonearm with high sensitivity to track the most demanding grooves.

The SL-G700 networking CD/SACD player is another great option for those looking to focus on formats other than vinyl. The SL-G700 incorporates noiseless signal technology to ensure that CDs, SACDs, and streaming music all maintain their sonic purity.

To achieve optimum dynamism, the SB-C600-K and SB-G90M2 coaxial/point source speakers offer a wide dynamic range. Both sets of speakers also check the quiescence box. The SB-G90M2 speakers feature a new and improved rigid build and an internal structure that reduces unwanted vibrations.

No matter which combination you choose, this new Technics gear will help you get one step closer to achieving pure sound.

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