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5 Things You May Not Know About Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is among the best-selling artists in the Discogs Database. She’s also a vinyl sales record-breaker, 11-time Grammy winner, and the first female artist to have an album and song certified diamond. This year, she is taking her influence on modern vinyl culture to the next level as the official ambassador for Record Store Day 2022.

Since Taylor Swift is already a regular fixture on Discogs’ most expensive and best-selling lists, it seemed like it was time to unearth a few lesser-known facts about the reigning queen of pop. Here are five facts about T-Swift that have been compiled using Discogs data.

1. Taylor Swift’s Highest-Rated Release is a CD Single

When looking at weighted averages, Taylor Swift’s highest-rated release is We Are Never Ever Getting Back Togethera CD single released in 2012. With an average rating of 4.85 and a weighted average of 4.26 (out of 13 ratings), this CD has a sizable lead on all other Taylor Swift releases. If you’re thinking that another release is more deserving of the highest rating, now may be the time to log into your Discogs account and rate your favorites!

bar graph representing the number of collections that have taylor swift's most collected albums starting with folklore at 63,200. 1989 at 37,400.  Evermore at 34,900.  Lover at 31,700.  Reputation at 22,600

2. Folklore is Taylor Swift’s Most Collected Album

Taylor Swift has become known for releasing several variants of every record she releases. Colored vinyl and different cover options have made her records highly collectible and some Swifties will collect as many versions as they canFolklore is no exception as the Discogs database currently shows 72 versions of the release, with 22 of those releases being pressed on vinyl. When you consider that the album is only two years old, the amount of Folklore vinyl out there is pretty staggering.

3. Fearless (Taylor’s Version) Boasts Higher Ratings than the Original Version

There are quite a few collectors who would consider themselves purists, and owning an original pressing or original recording are the only ways they can truly enjoy an album. T-Swift fans seem to disagree as the master release of Fearless currently has a rating of 4.26 while the master release of Fearless (Taylor’s Version) has earned a rating of 4.61. Do fans like the re-recorded versions better, think the vinyl pressings are better quality or want to stand in solidarity with Taylor as the re-recorded versions allow her to own her master recordings again? It may be a bit of all the above as reviews for both versions cover all of these topics and then some.

bar graph representing the number of collections that have taylor swift's most collected releases starting with lover at almost 18,000.  Reputation at over 13,000.  1989 with over 13,000.  Red at over 10,000.  Evermore at over 9,500

4. A Colored Vinyl Variant of Lover is Her Most Collected Release

According to the Database, the pink and blue transparent variant of Lover was released in the United States, Canada, and Europe. In the U.S., this pressing was a Target exclusive, which means those without access to local record shops had the opportunity to easily buy the record in-store. Its availability could definitely be a contributing factor to its collectability, but the vinyl color combo perfectly complementing the cover art definitely doesn’t hurt.

5. Some of Taylor’s Best-Selling Albums May Surprise You

When looking at the best-selling titles from Taylor Swift, the top master releases in the Discogs Database are probably what you’d expect. 1989Folklore, and Red come in on top, but as you go through the top 25, you start to come across a few surprising finds. The Taylor Swift Holiday CollectionMe!, and Our Song are among the top-selling titles and various compilations also appear when combing through the data. Taylor Swift’s appearances on the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack, the Hunger Games (Songs From District 12 And Beyond) soundtrack, and Now That’s What I Call Music! 83 have helped these releases see high sales in the marketplace.

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