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If You Like Madvillainy, Listen to These 4 Albums

Wax Museum Records recommends music for fans of Madvillainy.

Discogs asked some of the best record stores around the world for new music recommendations inspired by popular records within the Discogs community. Fans of Madvillainy, the legendary hip-hop collaboration between MF DOOM and Madlib, will love these listening suggestions.

Hip-Hop, Experimental
Vinyl, Album

Recommendations based on


By Madvillainy

This recommendation by Guy Roseby, Co-Owner of Wax Museum Records in Melbourne, Australia

Madvillainy is not only a personal favorite of ours but it is also, without a doubt, the biggest-selling title in our store’s history. The lyrical mastery of MF DOOM is paired with Madlib’s sample-heavy beats. This LP almost sits in its own genre and appeals to fans of music in general, not only hip-hop heads. Madlib’s sample choices, the drum programming, and even the mastering of this classic create an “otherworldly” atmosphere. It’s a rap album from an alternate or parallel universe. Shout out to the crew at Stones Throw Records for bringing us this one!

If you like


by Madvillainy

you’ll also like these albums

Operation: Doomsday
MF Doom
Hip Hop
2 x LP, Black Vinyl, Reissue

Recommendation #1

Operation: Doomsday

By MF Doom

DOOM’s first album is a masterpiece. It was originally released on Bobbito Garcia’s Fondle Em’ Records in 1999. We recommend this as a starting point for those that have not gone down the MF DOOM discography. This was the world’s introduction to the villainous character MF DOOM. The album is woven around comic-book-style vocal skits which help to paint the picture of DOOM and his menacing ways. It’s hard to pick favorite tracks as the whole release is solid start to finish but some of ours include “Doomsday,” “Rhymes Like Dimes,” “?,” and “Gas Drawls.”

Count Bass D
Hip Hop
2 x Vinyl

Recommendation #2


Count Bass D

Count Bass D is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and MC who first hit the scene in 1995. His fourth release, Begborrowsteel, is one we’d like to bring to your attention. It was originally released in Japan in 2004 on Octave (CD) and Jazzy Sport (vinyl) before getting an expanded vinyl release on Ramp Recordings in Europe later that year. You’ll note this is the same time that Madvillainy also hit our ears. The album is comprised of Count’s sample-heavy production with full vocal tracks woven in with various short instrumental skits – a sign of the time, possibly? His unorthodox rhyme style should resonate with fans of DOOM.

Recommendation #3

Shades of Blue


This is the result of the Blue Note record label handing the keys to their vault over to Madlib. This predates the work that he became known for with the likes of DOOM and Freddie Gibbs but introduces and highlights his abilities as a multi-faceted instrumentalist. This is a great snapshot of some of Blue Note’s greatest tracks that can complement so many situations or moods. This title flies off of the shelves at our store and is consistently on backorder!

Ghetto Sci-Fi
Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program
Electronic, Hip Hop
LP, Black Vinyl

Recommendation #4

Ghetto Sci-Fi

Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program

This is another artist whose work just flies off our shelves. Ras G emerged from the Los Angeles beats scene with the likes of Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, and Samiyam. His debut, Ghetto Sci-Fi, takes us on a journey to the outer edges of the hip-hop cosmos and lays the foundation for countless lo-fi hip-hop producers. A convergence of J Dilla, King Tubby, and Sun Ra via Poobah Records!

Interior view of Wax Museum Records, a record store in Melbourne, Australia

Wax Museum Records, Melbourne Australia

More about the record store that made these recommendations:

Wax Museum Records

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne’s vinyl scene seems to be growing from strength to strength. A popular fact we like to share in the city is that we now have the most record stores per square capita of any city in the world. There are foundational stores with characters behind the counters that have been around for quite some time, as well as many new ones popping up featuring some of the city’s many DJs and musicians. You will find an array specializing in specific genres, some focusing more on the latest releases and others only dealing in secondhand. It really has become a vinyl enthusiast’s dream and ties in strongly with the music scene and arts culture Melbourne is renowned for.

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