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Reasons Why You Need a Portable Turntable

Mobility and convenience are just a few of the many reasons why record collectors love portable turntables.

The portable turntable revolutionized the way people listen to music. With internal speakers and very little setup, it made enjoying vinyl records an activity that could take place almost anywhere. It also paved the way for every portable cassette and CD player that followed in its footsteps. With their all-in-one designs, portable turntables have remained a staple for record collectors who want to spin their records on the go. Below, you’ll find nine reasons why a portable turntable may be the piece of gear you didn’t know you needed. 

Listen While You Dig

If you’re interested in crate digging and discovering hidden vinyl gems, a portable turntable may become the most important piece of gear you own. Many record stores offer listening stations, but what about when you’re at a flea market, record fair, or estate sale? Portable turntables like the Victrola Revolution GO are rechargeable and include a shoulder strap. That means you can uncover new sounds and make sure records don’t skip in any digging environment.  

Easily Travel With A Portable Turntable

Traveling may prevent you from listening to your records as often as you’d like. If you have a portable turntable that is compact, you can store it with your luggage on a plane, train, or automobile and spin some records once you reach your destination.

Elevate A Vacation Or Staycation

You never have to be without your favorite records while you’re on vacation. With a portable turntable, you can easily listen to your records in a hotel room. Even if you’re at a campground, you can still indulge with a battery-powered portable turntable.

Play Records At Work

Depending on what type of workplace you find yourself in, you may be able to get away with spinning records. With a portable record player and a headphone jack, you can help pass those long work hours with the sweet sound of vinyl.

Listen Anywhere At Home

If you work from home or have family members or roommates to consider, having a portable turntable you can move around the house opens up a whole new world of listening possibilities.

Share Music With Friends & Family

Sharing music that matters to you can help you form stronger bonds with friends and family. Bringing your own portable turntable and records when you visit can take that experience a step further. If you can enjoy the artwork, lyrics, and music together, you may develop a new mutual interest. At the very least, you can help them learn new things about who you are and what you appreciate most about music. Just make sure to give your loved ones a turn on the turntable so you can learn something about them too!

Enhance Any Gathering

No party or small gathering is complete without the right tunes, and there is still quite a bit of music out there that isn’t available on streaming services. Portable turntables allow you the opportunity to play records at any function. Options like the Victrola Revolution GO also feature a lid that doubles as a vinyl display. That means you can curate the perfect soundtrack, store your records upright, and inspire a few conversations as fellow party-goers flip through your selections.

Listen Your Way With The Latest Models

The recently unveiled Victrola Revolution GO has taken portable turntables to the next level with an internal Bluetooth speaker, rechargeable battery, and vinyl-stream technology that allows you to connect to external Bluetooth speakers as you play your records. That means you can stream music from your phone in between vinyl sessions. The Revolution GO’s retractable handle, shoulder strap, and headphone output will help ensure that listening at home or on the move is a simple and sonically rich experience.

Relax & Enjoy The Music

Portable turntables are simple. Vinyl newbies can begin their record listening journey with nothing to fear. Vinyl veterans can tap into a simpler time when all they had to think about was which record they wanted to drop the needle on next. Kick up your feet, grab a drink, and experience the pure joy that only records can provide.  

Published in partnership with Victrola.