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Record Store Recommendations - Modal Soul - Face Records, Tokyo

If You Like Modal Soul, Listen to These 4 Albums Recommended by a Record Store

Discogs Staff // November 16, 2021

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Discogs asked some of the best record stores around the world for new music recommendations inspired by popular records within the Discogs community. Fans of Modal Soul, the influential downtempo album from Nujabes, will love these listening suggestions.

Recommendations by

Face Records Shibuya

Tokyo, Japan

​​Takayuki Hibi, Store Manager

Modal Soul

by Nujabes

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Recommendation #1


Bob James

We can’t miss this album since Nujabes ran his own record store here in Shibuya and this album plays a huge part in hip-hop sampling culture. This album is one of the best-selling and most classic albums among used record stores. It has been sampled for various tracks and is a timeless masterpiece for club DJs. Two should be a good textbook if you are not really familiar with jazz, funk, rare groove, and fusion. Bob James is a living legend who recently released a 7-inch cut from this album and still continues to be active even after turning 80 years old. Both the U.S. original pressing and the Japanese version of the LP have the RVG stamp, which is a sign of quality sound.

Recommendation #2

Spartacus / Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Ino Hidefumi

This is the cover of the classic tune, “Spartacus’ Theme,” which is sampled by Nujabes. Ino Hidefumi rarely releases LPs, but he does release 7-inch singles from time to time, and his singles sell out quickly when they are dropped on our shelves. Among his releases, this single is one of the most beloved, not only in Japan but also all over the world because of Nujabes. The melancholic melody will move your heart. We recommend this to a wide range of people, not only jazz and hip-hop heads, but also electronic and house lovers. It may be interesting to (re)sample this to create your new beat!

Recommendation #3

Atmosphere Airlines


Atmosphere Airlines is jazzy, lo-fi hip-hop. This is the first album by French producer Dela. It’s a mellow album and we recommend it to A Tribe Called Quest and J Dilla fans. The album features many great rappers like Kojoe, Large Professor, Blu, Torae, and more. The aircraft cover is impressive and should look great hanging on the wall. This double LP is well worth listening to!

Recommendation #4



MF DOOM, who passed away recently, and Madlib, a genius producer who’s been active since the 1990s, teamed up for this great album released in 2004 on Stones Throw Records, which represents West Coast hip-hop and underground music. The unique sampling is pretty irresistible! This is an important piece that takes us beyond jazzy hip-hop. Madvillainy has become expensive and hard to find these days. If you find it in a record store, take it!

face records shibuya record store tokyo japan
Face Records Shibuya

Face Records Shibuya

Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya, specifically the Udagawacho area, is a world-famous record spot. Japanese diggers used to call it the mecca of vinyl and say, “If you want to dig for stuff like breaks and sampling sources, go to Shibuya!” Instrumentalists, DJs, rappers, beatmakers, music collectors, and many types of people visit this city to dig vinyl, which is probably one of the few places in the world where you can see such a scene. It is not just a place for vinyl experts but it is also for those who are just starting to listen to records.

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