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dPulse Europe ‎– DPRE027cd, SKC NS ‎– SKCD 056/2011
CD, Stereo

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1 People are dead
Electronics, Producer, Mixed By, Composed By – Mikka (2)
2 Set Me On Fire
Bass Guitar – Aleksandra VukošićDrums – Ivan FrancuskiElectric Guitar – Alen HabekLead Vocals, Electronics, Producer, Mixed By, Composed By – Mikka (2)
3 One is Alive
Bass Guitar – Aleksandra VukošićDrums – Ivan FrancuskiElectric Guitar – Alen HabekLead Guitar, Electronics, Producer, Mixed By, Composed By – Mikka (2)
4 Animal Takes Over
Bass – Malter (Youth A.D.)Drums – Ivan FrancuskiElectric Guitar – Alen HabekLead Vocals, Electronics, Composed By, Producer, Mixed By – Mikka (2)
5 When Dead Come Home
Bass Guitar – Aleksandra VukošićDrums – Ivan FrancuskiElectric Guitar – Alen HabekLead Vocals, Electronics, Composed By, Producer, Mixed By – Mikka (2)
6 Dirt
Bass – Malter (Youth A.D. )Drums – Ivan FrancuskiElectric Guitar – Alen HabekLead Vocals, Electronics, Composed By, Mixed By, Producer – Mikka (2)
7 God of FM Stereo
Bass – Malter (Youth A.D. )Electric Guitar – Alen HabekLead Vocals, Electronics, Producer, Composed By, Mixed By – Mikka (2)
8 Mr Fooz
Bass – Malter (Youth A.D. )Drums – Ivan FrancuskiElectric Guitar – Alen HabekLead Vocals, Electronics, Producer, Composed By, Mixed By – Mikka (2)
9 Wheels
Bass Guitar – MalterElectric Guitar – Alen HabekGuitar – Bojan Petkovic (KOH)Lead Vocals, Electronics, Producer, Composed By, Mixed By – Mikka (2)
10 Inject the Poison
Bass – Malter (Youth A.D. )Electric Guitar – Alen HabekLead Vocals, Electronics, Producer, Composed By, Mixed By – Mikka (2)Vocal – Rozzxx (f.O.F.)
11 Garden of Dead Friends
Bass Guitar – Aleksandra VukošićElectric Guitar – Alen HabekLead Vocals, Electronics, Producer, Composed By, Mixed By – Mikka (2)
12 Undo Yourself
Electric Guitar – Alen HabekLead Vocals, Electronics, Producer, Composed By, Mixed By – Mikka (2)Vocals – Laura Greenwood (Talbot's Curse)
13 Machine
Bass – Malter (Youth A.D. )Electric Guitar – Alen HabekLead Vocals, Electronics, Producer, Composed By, Mixed By – Mikka (2)
14 Videotape
Electronics, Producer, Composed By, Mixed By – Mikka (2)
15 HeartBeat Away
Bass – Malter (Youth A.D. )Electronics, Producer, Composed By, Mixed By – Mikka (2)Vocals – Bajs (Kleimor)
16 Footfalls
Bass Guitar – Aleksandra VukošićDrums – Ivan FrancuskiElectric Guitar – Alen HabekLead Vocals, Producer, Composed By, Mixed By – Mikka (2)



album manifesto:

"Welcome to The world Of inner pain and dreDDup. We will bring your desires back to life. We will taste your minds and your eyes. We will cry for you and feel emotions for you. You will never be alone.

You will never be alone.

This is the last one of the unicorns. The darkest one. A child of forgotten dreams and spaces we lost. It is the tunnel for the other side where your Other lives. The forgotten boy from the Neverland. The abandoned girl from the forest. We will drive your soul. We will drill your eyes. Unlock your new taste and let you know about a very strange dark presence. You will feel nothing in the end. You will have no emotions. You will open yourselves and wonder: “Where is the garden of dead friends? Anybody alive?”.

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  • Other: DPRE027cd


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March 29, 2011

"Worlds but ours. DreDDup confirm all praise the previous album "El Conquistadors" and went a step further. Where they belong. In the world.

After less than two years reached a new, fourth album of his career in industrial NS-rockers. 70 minutes, 17 songs, a few guests, great production and powerful, stylish, and not retro sound. Now it could be widely discussed on this album that is certainly not soft and easy listening in many respects. I am a leader, front man and the alpha and omega Mikka said in a recent interview that the texts are mostly banal, and that unlike the notorious Combichrist and similar industrialist, at least the rank of Dostoevsky. Not too far, the texts are not really any themes branded fly many industrial works, and dealing with various observations of individual unrest, harsh and direct messages, dark emotions, sometimes very sophisticated 'secular' theme, and included work as a private diary of horror. About how to use the English language should not prattle; dreDDup is a band that thinks the world on a small Balkans, and the album was first released for the American label dPulse claiming that this could be one of this year's world top-5 industrial issues. The same label reissued and their previous "El Conquistadors".

Music is by far the most complex and compact scope. The focus of the sound is primarily oriented to the electronic notion, guitars are barely noticeable, bass Nemanja (former members) are sometimes more pronounced, but it comes to the fore in the live shows, where once again have a new lineup, and the rhythms range from fast to very slow with frequent breaks . The compositions do not suffer from overcrowding, are harmoniously arranged with a bearing on the beats that are powered other parameters of the structure and each individual is a separate story. Feature of the album is that songs are different materials and favored a range of collage elements that enrich the complete picture, as well as vocals Mikka clear and understandable despite his jerky, rough faceted and opaque style. It can be seen that the band had a lot of time and effort invested in this work, and as such he does not sit at first in the ear and needs to listen to at least a dozen times to satisfy least the plankton. I know that many may give up after the first listening because this really is not banal music for the party, this is a big step big band that at times surpassed all his former role models and idols.

A short ambient editorial "People are dead," which blends into a seemingly sweet EBM / hardcore bomblets "Set me on fire" may be misleading to continue to bring the album's punk bass melodies and simple songs with 2-3 chords, but after only one minute overlap recognizable elements dreDDup - loose beats, lots of metal rhythmic structures, ambient synths and intervals outlined with a dark atmosphere režavim and extremely rough vocals. No optimism or below, so the next few numbers makes a distinctive sound that developed in the previous "El Conquistadors" album, and here it is immediately brought to perfection is the right one can conclude that this is a compelling focus of the band's most creative and most active period of his career . "One is alive," destroys tromijim furious pace and spoken-word verses of the poseur, rock stars, fake intellectuals, television, drug addicts and poor general climate of today's society ... Do not zaglibim the interpretation of texts which could be a long discussion now untie at least several days, they are generally loud and clear with an oppositional attitude, anyone can not draw, and not creeping, and show the reality from the perspective of the conscious and intellectual potkovanog punks who brother, brother-level concept of the first two Gang Of Four albums with many connotations in the Killing Joke vocabulary. Although do not have any close thematic links, the awareness of society and individual concerns are very similar, ie no zigzags and approximations, all is crystal clear as a tear. Of course, Mikko does not offer any different options, only option is constructive criticism - or to adopt such an attitude, or it negiraj. However, here is sophisticated topics popud tromije "God of FM stereo," which has a distinct story and criticism of the consumerist society in which people no longer have emotions and are converted to ordinary observers the worst brutality. For the same recorded a video and the song is really raritetniji copy of the band that dared to play melodies and solos on synth, so that, in general, provided for a potential hit.

Balanced porazmjestivši faster pace with those slow, the album is put together to form a true pearls, all in a row dance pieces - "Animal Takes Over," "When I come home dead," "Dirt", and complex rhythms, "Mr. Fooz" with slower and faster, almost d'n'b tempovima, "Wheels" with the participation of Bojana band from Karlovac KOH which was adapted by the fantastic guitar riffs treatment (pity that no more), then rave Opičena "Inject the poison" in which a guest Roko, frontman of Rijeka FOF and satirical punk engaged "Undo Yourself" with a surprise guest appearances from U.S. band Laura Talbot's Cruse. In tromiji and atmosferičniji part introduces the album "Garden of dead friends, text short poem, but very deeply about where you can meditate for days on account of a real depression. Moreover, this is one of the candidates for the true gothic anthem along with the "God of FM stereo has a slightly longer sequence of synth solo. Dark instrumental "Videotape" in the light, dotted rhythm draws the mystical ambiance of the next "heartbeat away" where the lead singer appears Bajs (Sinisa Bajic) from Kleimor. This issue is again a strange story in itself; again acting emotionally romantic with a lot of fine compliments, but the further course of the sloughing of the harsh truth ("You stupid girl / you almost killed me / you punched my soul / you're full of shit and so selfish / you'll never find the piece of mind '). Bajsov vocals here has made a wonderfully emotional atmosphere, is emerging from some silent tunes just lacks Mikki, and with its sensible - velvet intonations in rude manner icy track in the artistic brings 'emo' climax. The music is extremely affected by the sting as if they were merged in Japan, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Mick Karn & late with Dali's Car of the 21st century and is simply incredible that the industrial band appear just like this, almost despised song that was artistically continue najoriginalnijeg New Romantics-crossed with a post-punk. Associated background sounds very much associated with the Karno bassoon melody, synth, xylophone .... In performance, this is one of the best compositions of the album and can easily be put into bucket of true gothic art-hit of all time. Last "footfalls" is a great light 'Outro', a real chillout darkerski which has the potential for a kind of evergreen genre. For it is also recorded and the video, but it is quite unclear why youtube deleted this video. Apparently because of the explicit scenes? A video appears naked blonde who runs, and a 3-4 frame from a porn, but all the scenes are cleverly concealed and do not differ specifically from the usual Hollywood film production. In addition, the entire video is artistically designed and it shows no inclination to tvrdokornoj porn recycling. To do something like Avenged Sevenfold, the spot would be aired on television in prime time. And who knows, maybe the song one days finds someone like Johnny Cash, which is completely neprimjetnoj "Hurt" Nine Inch Nails ensure immortality.

Decomposition to three important features that are actually the basic support structure - a) limited vocal capabilities Mikki who does not sing rather than scream or recited, b) that the songs do not develop a melody in a classical manner, c) linear repetition of sequences mostly minimalist in order to achieve a dynamic, obtained dreDDup ideal configuration. These are the inevitable stumbling blocks in their style for many diskofile whether they like it or not industrial. The fact is that this is their style, ie the method by which you can create compositions, Mikka and I was once told that you can not imagine the role of the composer who works with the development of conventional music tunes and their variations.

So, when you agree on this very important technical details, only then can prattle about their music, such as in cases such as Cabaret Voltaire, Borghesia, Laibach, Neubauten Front 242, or who have used roughly the same principle. It is this rough-oriented style on the basis of primitive music, where rhythm is a leading factor in dreDDup opens many possibilities for expression. This admittedly does not have some kind of classic beauty, for example they know their colleagues present, low Figurative Theatre, but in the whole conglomerate of the unusual details that are Mikka as the main composer focused. Unlike usual expectations of what and how 'song' should look like, on your creativity is directed towards skilled upgrades and unexpected strokes which are mostly repetitions, but with constant changes. It is a minimalist style, but at least a few good steps in advance of those besomučno repeating one and the same sequence indefinitely. The fact is, as stated at the outset can prattle endlessly, but regardless of whether someone likes this kind of expression or not, it must be admitted that dreDDup realize their most mature and nejdotjeranije offense in his career. True, this is not music to anyone even if he was a fan of industriali as such are neither the first two Laibach album for everyone's ears. This is not Nine Inch Nails or Einsturzende Neubauten, this is dreDDup. They have their own style. Refined and perfected in all respects. Can not be polished."

Vladimir Horvat - Terapija magazine
horvi // 25/02/2011

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