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2 de octubre de 2007
comentando Megamix, 12", Promo, W/Lbl, SMR 015-12
Hello everybody! I bought this record from DJ The Prophet at Q-Base 2005 @ Weeze Airport.

The two tracks on the record are untitled and both combine the two tracks "Able to Love" and "Satisfaction." In my opinion it is a kind of the actual "Mash-Up's," but the record was produced a quite long time before these Mash-Up-Mixing started.
Both tracks are quite cool - if you like the Benassi - Style, of course.

Each of the tracks has one of the tracks original Backgrounds and combines it with the other then - So, theoretically seen, you can call one track "Satisfaction - Able to love remix" and the other one "Able to love - Satisfaction remix".
I think the best name for the record would be "Benny Benassi - Satisfaction/ Able to love Mash-Up" -
but as I said before, these so called Mash-Ups, which gained their name from the television Show MTV Mash Up, started pretty time later. But that would hit the nail.