Dan Piu ‎– Tru Time And Ages

Childhood Intelligence ‎– Child Five
2 × Vinyl, 12", Album

Lista de Títulos

A1 Isolation (Interlude)
A2 Incarnation Of A Myth (Midnight Session)
A3 Eukelade
B1 Demain
B2 Taygete
C1 Infantil
C2 Tsar Time
D1 M58 Syllagar
D2 Sherry & Aftersun

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‚Tru Time And Ages‘ is a collection of my early solo material that I produced in a different era, a time before email and internet opened the floodgates of communication, allowing global connection and collaboration to become commonplace.
However, Technology was always my main guiding force of my making and creation. I am blessed that some of those untold pieces have finally found the right recipient, even decades later. Thanks Alexander for the belief in my art. You are indeed a time traveler.

Also thanks to my likeminded hood brothers Roberto, Okan, Jean-Claude, Martin and Davide for inspiring me.
Thanks to Eisentanz for teaching me how the machines work. Massive respect to swiss techno icon Marco Repetto aka Bigeneric.

All tracks written and produced by Dan Piu between 1994 and 1999.
Song A2 is strongly inspired by that mystery producer with a formula 2 car.
Song A2, B2, C1, D1 reworked in 2017


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27 de diciembre de 2018
editado about 1 year ago
"Tru Time And Ages" – honestly, the title of this record couldn't be better. I can hear so many different aspects of electronic music and while I'm listening to these varied and sophisticated tracks, it definitly seems like a journey to me with no beginning and no end. I really feel all those harmonic chords (and deep in its deepest senses), sience fiction pads and timeless effects, funky basslines and interleaved rhythms. At the end of the album I would like to start over again. Brilliant work. 5 stars out of 5.


17 de diciembre de 2018
editado about 1 year ago

I think this lp is absolutely magical. It has moments that remind me of Russ Gabriel’s Voltage Control, and some Kenny Larkin tracks. Perhaps even a tiny bit of Likemind and Luke Slaters 7th Plain. Not in any obvious way though. Just subtle sound/musical Interactions here and there that bring those things to (my) mind.


3 de diciembre de 2018
Just press it on a CD as well. This is a top quality album that deserves more exposure and listeners instead of limiting the audience to a select few vinyl dinosaurs ;-)


30 de octubre de 2018
Very nice release, can't even choose what track I like the most.