Joris Voorn ‎– Balance 014



Mizuiro Mix
Tadeo Circunbalation I (Alex Under View)
Mikael Stavöstrand Stol
Minilogue In A Distance
Minilogue Loud
Minilogue We All
Forss Journeyman (Tricksi Remix) 8:08
Yagya Snowflake 2
Paperclip People Remake (Basic Reshape)
Basic Channel Q 1.2
Gel Abril Your Face Is A Mess (Itamar Sagi Remix)
Ici.eme Gran-Dii-Ree
Matthias Tanzmann Rugby
Minilogue Ghost (Dub)
Heiko Laux Waves Ahead 8:21
Robert Babicz Enjoy
Prompt Ambee
Matthias Tanzmann Keep On (Boris Werner Keep On Truckin' Mix)
Vitalis Popoff Lethe 1 4:36
Westley Matsell* Diffusion 27
Model 500 Starlight (Echospace Dub)
Prompt feat. Onuba Zora 5:39
Dub Kult Crypt (District One Remix)
Kenneth Graham Fire, Water, Machine
William Kouam Djoko Hard Loving (Acapella)
Johnny D.* Déjà Vu
Je Dávu* I Zebra 3:49
Julius Papp Bole Beats
Dosem Beach Kisses (Joris Voorn Edit) 5:05
Linus Quick CopyPasteCut (District One Remix)
Cobblestone Jazz W
Tigerskin Peter's Secret Weapon 6:29
Solomun Black Rose (Tricksi Remix)
H.O.S.H. & Stimming Radar
John Thomas & Barbara Goes Mother's Dance #2 6:21
System 7 / Derrick May Altitude (Mayday Mix)
The Martian Star Dancer
Ambivalent R U OK (Acapella)
Polder Topdrop 5:50
Emmanuel Top Stress
Silicone Soul 3am (Balance Beatless Version)
Dubfire Ribcage
Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes Elevation (Radio Slave One More Kiss Remix)
Elon Snorting Pinky (Justin Maxwell Remix B) 6:21
Sascha Funke Mango (Berlin Calling Edit)
Paul Kalkbrenner Moob
Sascha Funke The Fortune Cookie Symphony
Goldie Timeless 4:15
Joakim Peter Pan Over The Bronx
Secede Born In A Tropical Swamp
Quiet Village Gold Rush
Sensorama Aspirin (Global Communication Remix) 8:26
Midori Mix
Imps Bubble And Squeek
Âme Doldrums
Nick Solé Children
Les Chocolats Ride The Beat 5:44
Kaoru Inoue The Secret Field (Todd Terje Remix)
Nova Nova Prayer
Elitechnique Electric Evening 5:20
Elitechnique Spectral Escape
Len Faki My Blackapella
Len Faki My Synthapella 3:15
Paul Nazca Flash
Mood II Swing Move Me
Oliver Moldan Presents Prawler Phat Laces (Harada Remix)
Henrik Schwarz Leave My Head Alone (Parts & Effects)
Minilogue Ghost (Dub)
Psykofuk Psykofuk 4:41
Ricardo Villalobos Easy Lee (Smith N Hack Remix)
Minilogue Ghost (Dub)
Agnès Daaahhhh
Agnès Treat Me Bad
Radio Slave Tantakatan 3:31
Blamstrain A Song For Jonas
The Aloof Going Home
Christian Smith & John Selway Illusion (Version)
Yagya Change 4:57
Feline 9 Heavy
Gegenheimer Spiritual Love (Acoustic Raw Demo Version)
Kettel Coddle
Carl Craig Attitude 3:24
Flying Lotus Brainfeeder
Raz Ohara Hymn (Hardman Mix) 4:18
Poni Hoax Faces In The Water
Joris Voorn Additional String Bits
Robert Babicz Dark Flower (Joris Voorn Magnolia Mix) 3:42
Joakim Are You A Vegetarian?
Tantra (2) A Place Called Tarot (Idjut Boys Re-Edit)
Joakim Peter Pan Over The Bronx
Leftfield Rhino's Prayer (Album Version) 4:45
Rhythm & Sound King In My Empire
Marc Romboy Elif
Minilogue Old Water
Markus Dolic Blood
Martin Landsky FM Safari (Patrick Chardronet's Silent Snake Remix) 7:25
Jimpster The Last Tape
Marcello Giordani Respect Yourself 4:47
Carl Craig At Les
Innerzone Orchestra At Les 4:25
Radiohead Nude (Ripperton $9 Mix) 4:10
Aphex Twin Heliosphan
F.U.S.E. Into The Space 3:29
Spinvis Mare Frigoris 2:49

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Cat. nº Artista Título (Formato) Sello Cat. nº País Año
EQGCD024 Joris Voorn Balance 014(2xCD, Mixed) EQ Recordings EQGCD024 Australia 2009 Vender esta versión
EQGCD024JP Joris Voorn Balance 014(2xCD, Mixed) EQ Recordings EQGCD024JP Japan 2009 Vender esta versión
EQGCD024 Joris Voorn Balance 014(2xCD, Mixed, Promo) EQ Recordings EQGCD024 Australia 2009 Vender esta versión
EQGCD024 Joris Voorn Balance 014(2xCD, Mixed, Unofficial) EQ Recordings (2) EQGCD024 Russia 2009 Vender esta versión


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17 de octubre de 2017
comentando Balance 014, 2xCD, Mixed, EQGCD024

A pivotal mix awaits here - not just for the Balance series, but for mixing as an art altogether. Whereas a handful of predecessors have attempted the experimental style demonstrated in Joris Voorn's Balance 014, they have more-so been exercises and rehearsals of form; Balance 014 is masterfully executed and just so much more listenable. Isolating and referring to any individual track is, of course, not recommended, due to the patchwork nature of Voorn's mixing. If you visit each implemented track as a single, it becomes all the more fascinating to hear what Voorn has chosen and not to mix into his sonic stew. Lines of delineation between/among tracks blur, and looking at what track is currently playing and where feels pointless. Naturally, due to the extreme technical aspect of this type of mixing, 'transitions' are impeccable - or rather, they often cease to exist; rather than going from track A to B, it's more like one is experiencing ABC while XYZ wiggle their way in with a dash of MNOP. Rather than being an avant-garde form of mixing, this is more like the art of mixing finally achieving the penultimate level of what mixing is meant to be: an amalgamation of track selection whose sum is far greater than and is distinct from its parts.

As for how the music actually 'sounds', there is a lot to be said, but let's allow the music to do most of the talking. Across the Mizuiro and Midori mixes, Voorn explores a plethora of soundscapes, genres and emotions. It's dizzying in a delightful way (though never overcrowded), whether it's how he introduces a new timbre/instrument, or how we cascade into another, perhaps darker dimension. Many of the best moments are either disarmingly charming or otherwise deeply subtle, my favorite stretch being between tracks 2-12 through 2-14.

Time will be the judge of various mixes' significance, but I'm quite confident Balance 014 will be near the top.

"Are you ready?"

4.9/5 Stars


30 de julio de 2017
comentando Balance 014, 2xCD, Mixed, EQGCD024

Flawless mixing and tune selection. In order to truly appreciate it, take some time and try to listen to a couple of these songs separately, unmixed, in the same order. It will really draw a map of this mix in front of you which will help you navigate whenever you embark on the journey which Balance 014 is.

I still haven't found a better mix than this one.


12 de abril de 2017
comentando Balance 014, 2xCD, Mixed, EQGCD024

Still 8 years later this mix comp sounds fresh and innovative. At the time I can't think of anyone doing a mix like this where the took parts from a number of different tracks and re-edited (or remixed if you want) to make each track. His Fuse album he mixed 2 songs together for each track on the album but didn't dissect tracks like on the Balance comp. This mix was ahead of its time and its aging very well indeed.


19 de junio de 2014
comentando Balance 014, 2xCD, Mixed, EQGCD024
It's a flawless compilation and gives me the creeps even after more than 5 years. If you love this double mix I recommend you Joris' RA.062 podcast which presented a similar melted mixing skills. (55 minutes, 26 tracks...)


14 de septiembre de 2013
comentando Balance 014, 2xCD, Mixed, EQGCD024
Best Balance realise I've ever heard.


10 de julio de 2012
editado over 5 years ago
comentando Balance 014, 2xCD, Mixed, EQGCD024

Without looking at the tracklisting, I had no idea the album was so heavily "remixed" and layered. It all merely sounded like seamless progressive house. It's mind blowing seeing how many tracks have been creatively stitched together. The music speaks for itself. There isn't a single uninteresting moment on either disc. It's more of a pounder than a builder; that is, it starts off fast and upbeat and keeps the tempo high throughout the mix. It doesn't flow particularly well but that's not the point of this mix. Those who will enjoy this most are those who have an appreciation for the technical proficiency being put on display.

As to which mix I like better, I'm going to go against the grain and say that the second disc was my favorite. I'm not overly enthusiastic about the technical feat, I just look at the end product, the music itself. The Midori mix does a much better job of locking the listener into a groove and developing that sound.


22 de mayo de 2011
comentando Balance 014, 2xCD, Mixed, EQGCD024

Stellar album. Deep, grounded, progressive, groovy...


25 de marzo de 2011
editado over 5 years ago
comentando Balance 014, 2xCD, Mixed, EQGCD024


13 de marzo de 2011
editado over 6 years ago
comentando Balance 014, 2xCD, Mixed, EQGCD024
I've listened to this double set at least 30 times now in my car since I got it last month. That in itself says something about the quality of this release. My focus is primarily on disc 1 because I find that one to be the most interesting. Balance 14 is a mix full of fleeting moments. The moments created are highly enjoyable but because the tracks are hyper-mixed you only have maybe 1 to 2 minutes to get into a certain sound before it changes. This is a strength of the mix and also part of its weakness. The mix constantly oscillates between beats and beatless ambient. A lot of accappellas introduce, fade, and reprise throughout which I enjoy. Some killer moments in this mix are the opening track where the foreign vocal (which I cannot understand) reverbs like a gamma ray in empty space, out into infinity, the section of "R U OK?" where the pitched down voice tells the other person "Here, Drink this-s-s-s-s-s-s", and my favorite "Dream On Dreamer".

From an artistic standpoint, the mix is a patchwork, and 98% of the time the tracks mesh together perfectly. Because its a patchwork though, the sections that you might like, you'll find don't last long enough. I find myself rewinding to hear parts I like, which I guess you could say is good or bad depending on how you look at it.

A five star mix, but even with that perfect rating I personally think it would have been better to let some of the tracks ride longer and not try to squeeze so much into it. Still a great mix and has earned a permanent spot in my car's cd changer. The last track on disc 2 is tragic. You've been warned.


3 de septiembre de 2010
comentando Balance 014, 2xCD, Mixed, EQGCD024

The best mix i have ever heard.