Kid606 ‎– Down With The Scene



Chart Topping Radio Hit 0:18
Luke Vibert Can Kiss My Indie-Punk Whiteboy Ass 2:25
Buffalo606- The Morning After 3:17
Kidrush 3:51
GQ On The EQ 6:04
Punkshit 0:13
Secrets 4 Sale 3:45
Juvenile Hall Rollcall 2:28
Ruin It, Ruin Them, Ruin Yrself Than Ruin Me 5:25
Two Fingers In The Air Anarchy Style 1:45
For When Yr Just Happy To Be Alive 3:42
It'll Take Millions In Plastic Surgery To Make Me Black 0:44
Dame Nature 5:34
Hardcore 0:23
My Kitten 5:44
In Love With All You Are And Forever Maybe As If My Soul Depended On It To Survive 2:17
Bonus Track
Catstep/My Kitten/Catnap Vatstep DSP Remix By Hrvatski 6:00

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15 de agosto de 2019
comentando Down With The Scene, CD, Album, ipc-7
If you're not listening to this with headphones you're missing loads of the albums potential. A lp that whispers and tickles your ears and blows your brain and mind at the same time. A vinyl release would be pointless, this is best with a CD player and quality headphones.


14 de julio de 2011
comentando Down With The Scene, CD, Album, ipc-7

Coming back to this after many a year in the wilderness. Shame that most TB6 and Kid606 gear is only worth landfilling but this is a CD to keep. It's a punk ass two fingers up to the IDM scene and is filled with enough sample mayhem to keep you wiggling your bits till they drop off. Track 1 is a 'weak' hifi killer but my 'system that dissed em' rode it with ease. One to file next to your more treasued Venetian Snares CD's.


10 de diciembre de 2005
editado over 13 years ago
comentando Down With The Scene, CD, Album, ipc-7

This is some good, loud stuff. Kid 606 wields noise with skill in this album, utilizing it musically with not too much annoyance (for me, anyway). Kidrush, a harsh but very great track. GQ on the EQ is my favorite, wierd sounds and switched up rythm edits. The last song, also the first on Hrvatski's Swarm and Dither, is a cool song with computer voice lyrics. I can easily say that this is probobly one of Kid606's most hated and most loved albums. Well, that and DSTT.


10 de enero de 2003
comentando Down With The Scene, CD, Album, ipc-7

I bought this CD after picking up some of his earlier vinyl releases, and was perpared for the bursts of Amen-break-soaked noise, but there are also smoother tracks, well, not 'smooth' exactly, but still, a good contrast. Accessible? Hmmm, not exactly; UK's top night-time DJ Mary-Anne Hobbs played some tracks, but flagged them as 'really weird, but you'll like it', if I remember rightly. It was a blast to hear them on national radio anyway. Yeah, I played this to my girlfriend once, she actually liked it :). So... play it to your mum.


5 de abril de 2002
comentando Down With The Scene, CD, Album, ipc-7

This is good shit. The first time I heard it, I didn't know if I should try to get into it or cover my ears. The thing was, it nagged the hell out of me... How could this music have be so much NOISE and at the same time have so much weird appeal...

Come to think of it, if you're not into this kind of music, the only track on it that might resemble what most people even consider music in the conventional sense would be "secrets 4 sale" which is a funky hiphop-tempo glitch-step track track with vocals by Mike Patton, that guy from Faith No More and the Fantomas.

But the more I listen to this CD the more I like it!! If you like rythmic and spastic gabba-noise and amen breaks so hot and searing they burn you ears, this is the album for you.

a couple suggestions. (1) Skip track 1 turn your speakers off for it cause it WILL break 'em. (2) Condition yourself before hand with any selection from Vinyl Communication's fine lineup of noise feinds so you can appreciate to true immense skill behind "Down With The Scene"