Tangerine Dream ‎– Winter In Hiroshima



Transition 7:38
Ayumi's Loom 9:39
Outlook 3:15
Togetherness 7:23
Echo Of Light 4:32
Key Moment 4:54
Insiders 7:42
Nexuses 8:27
Glowing Vision 8:08

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039 CD Tangerine Dream Winter In Hiroshima(CD, Album) Eastgate 039 CD Germany 2009 Vender esta versión
none, 232610 Tangerine Dream Winter In Hiroshima(CD, Album, Ltd, Promo, Pla) Eastgate, Tangerine Dream none, 232610 Germany 2009 Vender esta versión
CLP 9161 Tangerine Dream Winter In Hiroshima(CD, Album) Purple Pyramid Records CLP 9161 US 2010 Vender esta versión
232610 Tangerine Dream Winter In Hiroshima(CD, Album, RE) Documents, Eastgate 232610 Germany 2010 Vender esta versión
IECP-10214 Tangerine Dream Winter In Hiroshima(CD, Album, RE, RM) WHD Entertainment, Inc., Eastgate IECP-10214 Japan 2010 Vender esta versión



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4 de abril de 2015
comentando Winter In Hiroshima, CD, Album, RE, 232610
One thing that stands out about Tangerine Dream's Five Atomic Seasons is the variation on display. The creative renaissance the group went through around 2005 - 2007 began to dry up, bit-by-bit, through a series of 'cupdisc' mini-albums and EPs, filled with Edgar solo pieces that all began to sound the same. With even the full-length Chandra, released a few months prior to Winter in Hiroshima, falling apart by the end, it would be reasonable to predict a collection of anonymous, mid-tempo sequencer workouts here. Yet it seems Edgar has saved the best for this series once again. Running in at over an hour, the fourth Atomic Season abandons the seemingly arbitrary '54 minute' limit loosely adhered to on previous albums, but thankfully manages to create an album that doesn't dramatically overstay its welcome.

Tangerine Dream is reduced once more to an Edgar solo project for this record, although an increased use in vocal samples adds variety. These female voices had been featured on past albums in this series, and reach their most ubiquitous use here, forming the focus of many tracks. Opener 'Transition' utilises them to lead a playful melody with an eastern tinge, which ties in with the theme of the record. The Atomic Seasons' protagonist, Mr H.T. finds himself back in the real world away from the monastery here, helping people recover from the atomic bomb blast. As such, the music features a blend of sombre moods and more uplifting tones. 'Ayumi's Loom' is a brooding sequencer-based piece, a track with energy that immediately grabs the attention; 'Togetherness' is a bright, mid-tempo number led by a gentle guitar improvisation. 'Insiders' rides forth with an insistent breakbeat.

At times things are a bit too saccharine - with its synth piano slow waltz and wailing female vocals, 'Echo of Light' errs too close to pop ballad territory for comfort; throughout, Edgar's synth choices are a tad less refined than in recent years, lending a cruder sound to some moments which require subtlety. Elsewhere, a minute or two could be chopped off to avoid pieces occasionally running too long - the otherwise beautiful 'Nexuses' becomes a tad tiring, particularly with its mid-tempo beat echoing those found elsewhere on the album.

Winter in Hiroshima seems to lack the impact that the first three albums in the series had. It shows Edgar using various different techniques - some new, some tried and tested - but the album is not quite the sum of its parts. Nevertheless, as an album enjoyed on its own, it contains enough strong material to keep faith that Edgar and Tangerine Dream are still capable of putting out music worth listening to.