Various ‎– Local Customs: Downriver Revival

Numero Group ‎– 026
2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation
DVD, NTSC, Region 1

Lista de Títulos Ocultar Créditos

A1 Shirley Ann Lee There's A Light
Lyrics By – Lee*Music By – Lee*Written-By [Co-Written] – James*
A2 The Gospel Supremes Sinner Man
Producer – C. RueWritten-By – Cooke*
A3 Coleman Family Peace On Earth
Guitar – Arthur GriswoldWritten-By – C. Coleman
A4 Calvin Cooke Walk With Me
Bass – Ronnie Hall (2)Drums [Drummer] – Unknown ArtistWritten-By – Cooke*
A5 Shirley Ann Lee I Shall Not Be Moved
Lyrics By – Lee*Music By – Lee*
A6 The Revelations (6) Take Care Of Us
Written-By – Unknown Artist
B1 Bobby Cook & The Explosions Untitled Jam
Written-By – Cook*
B2 Organics* Foot Stumping (Alternate)
Written-By – Griswald*
B3 Combinations* While You Were Gone
Lyrics By – Frazier*Music By – Hightower*Producer – Frazier*, Hightower*
B4 Apostles Of Music Wade In The Water
Arranged By [Arr. By] – Brown*Written-By – Trad.*
B5 Deliverance Echoes Heaven
Lead Vocals [Lead Vocalist] – Annette TharpWritten-By – Tharp*
B6 Bobby Cook & The Explosions On The Way
Composed By – James Ulmer*Producer – Leon C. Dent, Tracy Sound Prod.Written-By – Ulmer*
C1 Shirley Ann Lee How Can I Lose
Bass – Ronnie Hall (2)Guitar – Clifford "Buddy" Warren Jr.Written-By – Lee*
C2 Young Generation Running Mod
Lead Vocals [Lead Singer] – Alan CrowellWritten-By – Sivrais
C3 The Burgess Band Untitled
Written-By – Unknown Artist
C4 Bobby Cook Quartet* Ridin' High (Original Take)
Tenor Saxophone [Tenor Sax] – Danny TurnerWritten-By – Cook*
C5 Mighty Voices Of Wonder Every Year Carries A Number
Vocals [Tense] – Coleman*Written-By – Coleman*
C6 Shirley Ann Lee Please Accept My Prayer
Guitar – Felton*Lyrics By – Lee*Music By – Lee*
C7 Calvin Cooke What Happens To People
Bass – Ronnie Hall (2)Drums [Drummer] – Unknown ArtistLyrics By – Cooke*Music By – SopherSitar – Felton*
D1 Coleman Family People Has It Hard
Guitar – Arthur GriswoldWritten-By – A. Coleman
D2 Junior Mays Group Round N' Round
Written-By – Unknown Artist
D3 Pilgrim Wonders He Never Failed
Written-By – Langston*
D4 Mighty Walker Brothers He'll Make A Way
Written-By – White (40)
D5 Voices Of Deliverance* The Power Of God
Written-By – Unknown Artist
DVD-1 Unknown Artist Downriver Revival 27:14
Double U Sound Tape Vault
1-20 / Shelf #1
DVD-2.a1 Pilgrim Of Wonders* Untitled 1 2:54
DVD-2.a2 Pilgrim Of Wonders* Untitled 2 2:58
DVD-2.a3 Pilgrim Of Wonders* Untitled 3 3:27
DVD-2.b1 Mighty Voices Of Wonders Every Year Carries A Number 2:57
DVD-2.b2 Mighty Voices Of Wonders Every Year Carries A Number (Take 2) 2:59
DVD-2.b3 Mighty Voices Of Wonders I Thank The Lord 3:08
DVD-2.d1 Mt. Zion Choir Untitled 01 5:09
DVD-2.d2 Mt. Zion Choir Untitled 02 4:17
DVD-2.d3 Mt. Zion Choir Untitled 03 4:07
DVD-2.d4 Mt. Zion Choir Reverse Tape Bleed Cacophony 12:55
DVD-2.e1 Bobby Cook Quartette* Jam 01 3:01
DVD-2.e2 Bobby Cook Quartette* Jam 02 2:20
DVD-2.f1 Isaac Prince Singers Time Not Long 3:09
DVD-2.f2 Isaac Prince Singers Yes We Can 3:16
DVD-2.g1 Sum Guys Open The Door To Your Heart 3:41
DVD-2.g2 Sum Guys Just A Little Bit 2:50
DVD-2.g3 Young Generation Running Mod 2:58
DVD-2.g4 Young Generation Girl Love 2:22
DVD-2.g5 The Mergers (2) Unworthy American
Producer – Roger PetersWritten-By – Kukier, Leach (4), Peters*
DVD-2.g6 The Mergers (2) Loving You 3:15
DVD-2.h1 The Organics Untitled Jam 3:16
DVD-2.h2 The Organics Footstumpin (W/ Lyrics) 2:25
DVD-2.h3 The Organics Footstumpin (Alt 1) 2:55
DVD-2.h4 The Organics Daddy Daddy 4:09
DVD-2.h5 The Organics Untitled Jam 2 2:40
DVD-2.h6 The Organics Untitled Jam 3 3:04
DVD-2.h7 The Organics Footstumpin 2:11
DVD-2.h8 The Organics Untitled Jam 4 2:14
DVD-2.h9 The Organics Untitled Jam 5 3:18
DVD-2.h10 The Organics Untitled Jam 6 2:25
DVD-2.i1 Mighty Gospel Harmonizers Lord I'm So Glad 2:42
DVD-2.i2 Mighty Gospel Harmonizers I Don't Have To Cry No More 3:55
DVD-2.j1 Shirley Ann Lee Introduction 1:00
DVD-2.j2 Shirley Ann Lee Consider Me 1:39
DVD-2.j3 Shirley Ann Lee You've Been Good To Me 3:45
DVD-2.j4 Shirley Ann Lee Interlude 0:24
DVD-2.j5 Shirley Ann Lee Blessed Quietness 1:28
DVD-2.j6 Shirley Ann Lee Interlude 0:42
DVD-2.j7 Shirley Ann Lee How Can I Lose 1:58
DVD-2.j8 Shirley Ann Lee Interlude 0:22
DVD-2.j9 Shirley Ann Lee You Better Run 2:12
DVD-2.j10 Shirley Ann Lee Interlude 0:26
DVD-2.j11 Shirley Ann Lee Please Accept My Prayer 2:04
DVD-2.j12 Shirley Ann Lee Interlude 0:33
DVD-2.j13 Shirley Ann Lee Stop Look And Listen 2:49
DVD-2.j14 Shirley Ann Lee Get Right 1:51
DVD-2.j15 Shirley Ann Lee Blessed Assurance 2:11
DVD-2.j16 Shirley Ann Lee Interlude 0:23
DVD-2.k1 Calvin Cooke Untitled 01 2:13
DVD-2.k2 Calvin Cooke Studio Banter 0:15
DVD-2.k3 Calvin Cooke Untitled 02 2:29
DVD-2.k4 Calvin Cooke Untitled 03 3:10
DVD-2.l1 Auditions Untitled 01 4:03
DVD-2.l2 Auditions Untitled 02 3:04
DVD-2.l3 Auditions Untitled 03 2:38
DVD-2.l4 Auditions Beautiful Garden 2:45
DVD-2.m1 Felton Williams (2) Guitar Intro 1:45
DVD-2.m2 Felton Williams (2) Steel Tutorial 01 6:09
DVD-2.m3 Felton Williams (2) Steel Tutorial 02 5:16
DVD-2.m4 Felton Williams (2) Steel Tutorial 03 7:11
DVD-2.m5 Felton Williams (2) Steel Tutorial 04 10:54
DVD-2.m6 Felton Williams (2) Steel Tutorial 05 9:21
DVD-2.n1 Junior Mays Group Round & Round 1:35
DVD-2.n2 Junior Mays Group Cab Driver 3:50
DVD-2.n3 Junior Mays Group Talking About Heaven 3:00
DVD-2.o1 Shirley Ann Lee Stop Looking & Listen 2:40
DVD-2.o2 Shirley Ann Lee I Shall Not Be Moved 2:49
DVD-2.p1 E.G. Robinson Looking To The Hills 2:31
DVD-2.p2 E.G. Robinson Stay With Me 3:09
DVD-2.q1 Voices Of Deliverence* Wait On The Lord 4:13
DVD-2.q2 Voices Of Deliverence* Someday 5:07
DVD-2.q3 Voices Of Deliverence* The Power Of God 5:04
DVD-2.q4 Voices Of Deliverence* Show Me The Way Lord 4:15
DVD-2.q5 Charles Miles Sermon Sermon 19:52
DVD-2.q6 Deliverence Echoes* Heaven 3:27
DVD-2.q7 Deliverence Echoes* Have A Little Talk With Jesus 3:20
DVD-2.r1 Coleman Family Reunion* People Has It Hard 3:02
DVD-2.r2 Coleman Family Reunion* Peace On Earth 1:42
DVD-2.s1 Revival House Band Funky Jam 01 4:05
DVD-2.s2 Revival House Band Funky Jam 02 6:09
DVD-2.s3 Revival House Band Funky Jam 03 6:35
DVD-2.s4 Revival House Band Funky Jam 04 4:52
DVD-2.t1 Shirley Ann Lee Get Back 2:12
DVD-2.t2 Shirley Ann Lee Untitled 1 3:02
DVD-2.t3 Shirley Ann Lee Untitled 2 3:59
DVD-2.u1 Newsome Singers Untitled 01 2:27
DVD-2.u2 Newsome Singers Untitled 02 2:09
DVD-2.u3 Newsome Singers Untitled 03 2:35
21-40 / Shelf #2
DVD-3.a1 Mighty Gospel Harmonizers Lord I'm So Glad 2:43
DVD-3.a2 Mighty Gospel Harmonizers My Jesus Is All & All 3:35
DVD-3.a3 Mighty Gospel Harmonizers I Don't Have To Cry No More 3:57
DVD-3.a4 Mighty Gospel Harmonizers I Will Walk Around In Glory 2:50
DVD-3.b1 Bobby Cook Trio Pransing 5:37
DVD-3.b2 Bobby Cook Trio Quiet Nights 5:51
DVD-3.b3 Bobby Cook Trio Untitled 1 2:31
DVD-3.b4 Bobby Cook Trio Untitled 2 4:09
DVD-3.c1 Calvin Cooke Walk With Me 1 2:40
DVD-3.c2 Calvin Cooke Walk With Me 2 2:37
DVD-3.c3 Calvin Cooke Walk With Me 3 2:27
DVD-3.c4 Calvin Cooke What Happens To Them All 3:30
DVD-3.d1 Mt. Zion Choir Untitled 1 5:04
DVD-3.d2 Mt. Zion Choir Untitled 2 2:40
DVD-3.d3 Mt. Zion Choir Untitled 3 1:41
DVD-3.e1 Gospel Supremes* Sinner Man 2:37
DVD-3.e2 Gospel Supremes* Sweet Home 2:58
DVD-3.e3 Shirley Ann Lee Can't Give Up 3:23
DVD-3.e4 Shirley Ann Lee How Can I Lose 2:02
DVD-3.e5 Shirley Ann Lee There's A Light 1:59
DVD-3.e6 Shirley Ann Lee Please Accept My Prayer 2:08
DVD-3.e7 The Pilgrim Wonders* New Born Soul 2:30
DVD-3.e8 The Pilgrim Wonders* He Never Failed 2:32
DVD-3.f1 The Combinations* Rehearsal 1 0:48
DVD-3.f2 The Combinations* Rehearsal 2 2:08
DVD-3.f3 The Combinations* Rehearsal 3 2:17
DVD-3.f4 The Combinations* Rehearsal 4 2:10
DVD-3.f5 The Combinations* Rehearsal 5 2:06
DVD-3.f6 The Combinations* Rehearsal 6 2:14
DVD-3.f7 The Combinations* Rehearsal 7 2:43
DVD-3.f8 The Combinations* Rehearsal 8 1:40
DVD-3.f9 The Combinations* Rehearsal 9 2:08
DVD-3.f10 The Combinations* Rehearsal 10 1:51
DVD-3.f11 The Combinations* Rehearsal 11 4:20
DVD-3.f12 The Combinations* Rehearsal 12 2:08
DVD-3.g1 The Organics Trying For The Future (Mono Mix) 3:55
DVD-3.g2 The Organics Christmas Time Baby (Mono Mix) 3:28
DVD-3.h1 Apostles Of Music Look Where He Brought Us From 3:40
DVD-3.h2 Apostles Of Music Wade In The Water 3:30
DVD-3.h3 Apostles Of Music Look Where He Brought Us From (Mix) 3:39
DVD-3.h4 Apostles Of Music Wade In The Water (Mix) 3:25
DVD-3.i1 Shirley Ann Lee I Shall Not Be Moved 2:11
DVD-3.i2 Shirley Ann Lee Untitled 2:47
DVD-3.i3 Shirley Ann Lee Untitled 2 2:59
DVD-3.i4 Shirley Ann Lee Deliver Me 1:46
DVD-3.i5 Shirley Ann Lee Untitled 3 1:59
DVD-3.j1 Isaac Prince Singers Marvelous Name (Part 1) 3:00
DVD-3.j2 Isaac Prince Singers Marvelous Name (Part 2) 3:04
DVD-3.k1 Voices Of Deliverance* Untitled 1 4:00
DVD-3.k2 Voices Of Deliverance* Untitled 2 3:05
DVD-3.k3 Voices Of Deliverance* Untitled 3 3:51
DVD-3.k4 Voices Of Deliverance* Untitled 4 4:45
DVD-3.l1 Shirley Ann Lee There's A Light 2:17
DVD-3.l2 Shirley Ann Lee Blessed Quietness 1:41
DVD-3.l3 Shirley Ann Lee My Faith Is In Thee 2:28
DVD-3.l4 Shirley Ann Lee Everything Gonna Be Alright 1:28
DVD-3.l5 Shirley Ann Lee Please Accept My Prayer 2:16
DVD-3.m1 Pendleton Special Nothing Too Hard 3:33
DVD-3.m2 Pendleton Special Untitled 3:20
DVD-3.n1 The Organics Good Thing Going 2:44
DVD-3.n2 The Organics Footstumpin' (Alt Take) 2:20
DVD-3.o1 Miles Choir Untitled 1 7:01
DVD-3.o2 Miles Choir Untitled 2 3:29
DVD-3.p1 Jes (5) Testing 0:15
DVD-3.p2 Jes (5) Untitled 1 2:15
DVD-3.p3 Jes (5) Untitled 2 3:38
DVD-3.p4 Jes (5) Yesterdays 3:31
DVD-3.q1 Felton Williams Jr.* Untitled 1 4:14
DVD-3.q2 Felton Williams Jr.* Untitled 2 2:30
DVD-3.q3 Felton Williams Jr.* Untitled 3 3:16
DVD-3.q4 Felton Williams Jr.* Untitled 4 3:48
DVD-3.q5 Felton Williams Jr.* Untitled 5 4:01
DVD-3.r1 Bobby Cook & The Explosions On The Way 3:13
DVD-3.r2 Bobby Cook & The Explosions Sister Lu 3:13
DVD-3.s1 Unknown Artist Praise God 4:45
DVD-3.s2 Unknown Artist Beautiful Garden 2:41
DVD-3.t1 Gerald Lemons Since You've Gone Away Girl 1:04
DVD-3.t2 Gerald Lemons Untitled 1:00
41-50 / Shelf #3
DVD-4.a1 The Revelations (6) Take Care Of Us 2:49
DVD-4.a2 The Revelations (6) I Know A Man 2:59
DVD-4.b1 Shirley Ann Lee Time 2:19
DVD-4.b2 Shirley Ann Lee Can't Give Up 2:04
DVD-4.c1 Bobby Cook Ridin High (Part 1) 2:01
DVD-4.c2 Bobby Cook Ridin High (Part 2) 2:10
DVD-4.d1 The Organics Daddy Daddy 3:41
DVD-4.d2 The Organics Footstumpin 2:05
DVD-4.e1 Shirley Ann Lee Get Back 1:57
DVD-4.e2 Shirley Ann Lee Someday 1:44
DVD-4.e3 Shirley Ann Lee Get Back (Take 2) 2:05
DVD-4.e4 Shirley Ann Lee Please Accept My Prayer 2:39
DVD-4.e5 Shirley Ann Lee Banter 0:35
DVD-4.e6 Shirley Ann Lee I Shall Not Be Moved 2:32
DVD-4.e7 Shirley Ann Lee The World Is Not My Home 5:01
DVD-4.f1 Shirley Ann Lee Without God 3:37
DVD-4.f2 Shirley Ann Lee Stop Looking & Listen 2:42
DVD-4.f3 Shirley Ann Lee Without God 2:01
DVD-4.f4 Shirley Ann Lee My Faith 2:16
DVD-4.f5 Shirley Ann Lee I Shall Not Be Moved 2:55
DVD-4.f6 Shirley Ann Lee Electric Sitar Doodle 0:10
DVD-4.g1 Burgess Band* Jam Session 1 2:07
DVD-4.g2 Burgess Band* Jam Session 2 2:22
DVD-4.g3 Burgess Band* Jam Session 3 3:53
DVD-4.g4 Burgess Band* Jam Session 4 2:41
DVD-4.g5 Burgess Band* Jam Session 5 0:34
DVD-4.g6 Burgess Band* Jam Session 6 0:45
DVD-4.g7 Burgess Band* Jam Session 7 2:21
DVD-4.h1 Apostles Of Music Motherless Child 8:00
DVD-4.h2 Apostles Of Music Look Where He Brought Us From (Instrumental) 3:53
DVD-4.h3 Apostles Of Music Wade In The Water (Instrumental) 3:20
DVD-4.i1 Calvin Cooke Walk With Me 2:35
DVD-4.i2 Calvin Cooke What Happens To People 3:31
DVD-4.j Geo Frazier Group Bleeding Tape Cacophony
Piano – Bobby Cook

Compañías, etc.



Issued in a gatefold sleeve, including an attached 4 pages booklet with B&W and colour photos, memorabilia and liner notes detailing the release extensively. Also includes a DVD issued in a standard paper sleeve, with over 200 sound recordings pulled from Felton Williams (2)'s archives and compiled into a digital tape vault, and 30 minute documentary on the making of this LP, with further insights regarding Felton and the artists he recorded at Double-U-Sound.

Dates of release when available are given as such on labels:
A1, A5, C1, C4, C6, D3 1968
A2, B3, C2 1967
A3, A4, C7, D1 1969
B1, B6 1970
B2 1979
B4, B5, D5 1972
C5 1971
D4 1981

In the liner notes, further indication regarding dates of recording or release are given as follow:
C1 Recorded early 1968, single issued in March 1968.
C6 Single issued in May 1968 backed with A1.
A4 & C7 Cut in July 1969.
B5 Recorded in November 1972.

From the booklet:

A1 & C2 Issued 5-1-1968, Revival (3) 637/638 (How Can I Lose / There's A Light / There's A Light / Please Accept My Prayers).
A2 Issued 7-3-1967, Revival (3) 4136. Band is given as The Gospel Supremes Of Cleveland, Ohio, & initially © 1967 Double U Sound, Inc. (as per label printed in booklet).
A3 & D1 Issued 12-5-1969, Revival (3) 127.
A4 & C7 Issued 7-3-1969, Revival (3) 124.
A5, A6, C3, D2 Recording date unknown, previously unissued.
B1 Recorded 1970 at GM Studios on 9 Mile Road in Detroit, previously unissued.
B2 Recorded 1969, previously unissued. This alternate comes from an hour-long rehearsal, tighter than the finished product issued as Compose Records (3) 126 (Good Thing Going).
B3 Issued 5-26-1967, Solid Rock I. Initially © 1967 Double U Sound Recording Inc. (as per label printed in booklet).
B4 Issued 1-24-1972, Revival (3) 132 (Look Where He Brought Us From / Wade In The Water).
B5 Issued 11-20-1972, Revival (3) 133.
B6 Issued 7-23-1970, Revival (3) 129 (On The Way / Sister Lu). Initially © 1970 Double U Sound Recording, Inc. (as per label printed in booklet).
C1 Issued 3-6-1968, Revival (3) 636 (How Can I Lose / There's A Light ).
C2 Recorded 1967, previously unissued.
C4 Issued 11-20-1968, Compose Records (3) 641/642. Dedicated to the astronauts of Apollo 8 which launched almost one month later to the day this track was recorded.
C5 Issued 4-15-1971, Revival (3) 131.
D3 Issued 9-7-1968, Revival (3) 639.
D4 Issued 1981, Revival (3) 135.
D5 Recorded live in a church on 10-19-1972, previously unissued.
DVD-2.g5 Issued on Cass 112C. Initially © 1967 Double U Sound Recording Inc. (as per label printed in booklet).

From the reels photographies (DVD):

DVD-2.r1 & DVD-2.r2 Revival Records R-127.
DVD-3.g1 & DVD-3.g2 recorded on Crown CX800 Recorder at Northridge Studio, in 1 take.
DVD-3.l1 to DVD-3.l5 mastered on April 22, 1968.
DVD-4.i1 & DVD-4.i2 Revival Records R-124.

Recorded at Double U Sound, Detroit in William's basement.
Mastered at Peerless Mastering.
Liner notes were written on November 2008.

DVD video format is 720x480.
Featured song on DVD-1 "Take Care Of Us" Copyright Controlled.
Featured song on DVD-1 "People Has It Hard" published by Felton W Williams Music.
DVD-1 2008.

All selections published by Felton W. Williams (BMI), except 6 (A6), 14 (C2), 15 (C3), 21 (D1), 23 (D3), 24 (D4) copyright control & 7 (B1) published by Dust Index (BMI). Thanks to Bob Abrahamian, Breck T. Bunce, Zach Goheen, Matt Grady, Scott Harlow, Kyle Obriot, Ben Poster, & the Sevier-Berg Family.
Under exclusive license from Double U Sound to The Numero Group C 2009.

Código de Barras y Otros Identificadores

  • Barcode (Text, on sticker): 8 25764 10261 2
  • Barcode (String, from sticker): 825764102612
  • Rights Society: BMI
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout etched): NUM.026-A Double-U-Sound PCMJR Ⓤ
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout etched): NUM-026-B R̲E̲ REVIVAL RECORDS PCMJR Ⓤ .
  • Matrix / Runout (Side C runout etched): NUM-026-C PCMJR Ⓤ
  • Matrix / Runout (Side D runout etched): NUM-026-D PCMJR Ⓤ
  • Matrix / Runout (DVD): 504703 01
  • Mould SID Code (DVD): IFPI 1B21
  • Mastering SID Code (DVD): IFPI LL30

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20 de agosto de 2018
I was just looking through some records and found this album which I don't remember ever listening to, or even possessing.
When I looked it up on Discogs I was in awe at the DVD which, as you can see, brings us another 200 or so tracks from the Double-U Sound archives. This is the type of release that elevates Numero high above most other labels.

Opening up the gatefold and looking in the album Itself - the DVD wasn't there. Damn.
But - on a hunch and going through some more Numero records I found it in my Recording Tap box set. I must have been aware of it at some point to have hidden it there 'safely'. (Memo to self - don't separate bonus extras from the main release, it ony brings pain). Why I did this is unclear (possibly drunk).

I'm looking forward to playing through the DVD. Won't play in a CD player (not mine anyway), but will play on my Playstation.
So will report back at some later stage.