Real Name:Blops

Chilean rock, psychedelic & progressive band founded in 1964 as a cover band first influenced by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and then by The Doors and Eric Clapton.
In late 1969, following the path marked by Violeta Parra and the Nueva Canción Chilena they decided to play only original music.
They performed and recorded with many artists of this period, including Victor Jara, Angel Parra and Patricio Manns.
They splited in 1973 and brief reunited in 1974, 1978 and 2001.

Members were: Julio Villalobos (guitar, tiple, vocals, piano, accordion 1964-1972), Alejandro Greene (guitar, vocals 1964-1967), Pedro Greene (drums 1964-1970 and 2001), Andrés Orrego (vocals 1968-1969), Juan Pablo Orrego (bass, guitar, vocals, xilophone 1968-2001), Felipe Orrego (guitar 1968-1969), Eduardo Gatti (guitar, tiple, vocals, keyboards 1969-2001), Juan Contreras (keyboards, flute 1969-1973), Sergio Bezard (drums 1970-1973), Juan Carlos Villegas (keyboards, 1972-1973), Hector Sepulveda (guitar, harmonica, violin 1972), Juan Agustín Jimenez (percussion 1972), Carlos Fernández (guitar 1974 and keyboards 2001), Jaime Labarca (drums, percussion 1978-1981) and Andrés Pollak (keyboards 2001).

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Members:Andrés Pollak, Carlos Fernández, Eduardo Gatti, Hector Sepulveda, Jaime Labarca, Juan Carlos Villegas, Juan Contreras, Juan Pablo Orrego, Julio Villalobos, Pedro Greene, Sergio Bezard
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