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Kenny Larkin

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Pod - The Vanguard EP album art Pod The Vanguard EP (EP, Comp) Buzz Belgium 1992 Vender esta versión
Pod - Anapest / Quo Vadis album art Pod / G-Man Pod / G-Man - Anapest / Quo Vadis Styrax Records Germany 2011 Vender esta versión


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28 de agosto de 2007
editado over 12 years ago
According to the dictionnaries, Pod is the vessel that contains the seeds of a plant (not the seeds themselves); it's the seed-case of a flowering plant.

This Pod, though, was meant to be different. It's like it hided a whole mistery with it (if you want to know further about it, take a look at the text made by Leslie Green on the B-Side label of 'Pod - The Vanguard' telling the whole story).

According to Kenny Larkin's words, his Pod alias was supposed to be like Dark Comedy and to bring a different perspective than the other nicknames he used. "Pod was meant to be more experimental. I even did a track to sound like Alien talk!" (he laughs out loud).

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