John Evan-Jones

Born - Faversham, Kent, 3 jan 1948; Died - Copenhagen, 19 april 2013
Went out to Australia in 1964 with Trevor Jones (9) and they played together in several bands notably Chaos And Co., who had a hit record "Seven Golden Daffodils".
Returning home in 1969 both joined Anno Domini (2), which John left to tour with a trio backing America songwriter Jake Holmes. John made two solo albums for BASF, "Collage" and "Just A Few Changes" and formed Jonesy (2) with Trevor Jones (9) and Jamie Kaleth.
In 1984 he founded the Danish label Skylight Records.
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BTR0021 Collage — John Evan-Jones John Jones* Collage (Album) BASF BTR0021 South Korea 2007 Vender esta versión