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Rockford, Illinois 1974 saw the formation of one of America's well known power-pop bands - Cheap Trick.

They became a success with their self-titled debut, in which they started off their defining sound; the catchiness of The Beatles with the speed and energy of Punk rock. The Los Angeles Times proclaimed: "Cheap Trick gained fame by twisting the Beatlesque into something shinier, harder, more American."
They have often been referred to in the Japanese press as the "American Beatles."

The band is most known for their tracks "Surrender," "I Want You To Want Me," "Dream Police" and "The Flame," - and did a cover of Big Star's "In The Street," for American sitcom "That 70's Show," (season 2 onwards), and also the theme tune to the American satirical late night television program "The Colbert Report."

Surprisingly, for the age of the band, the line-up hasn't changed a great deal. Also, the Illinois State Senate has declared April 1st to be "Cheap Trick Day." They also took the 25th spot in "VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock."

Current Line-Up

Robin Zander
Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano

Rick Nielsen
Lead guitar, backing vocals

Tom Petersson
1974–1980, 1987–present
Electric bass, backing vocals

Daxx Nielsen
2010-present (touring)
Drums, percussion

Former Line-Up

Bun E. Carlos
Drums, percussion

Randy Hogan 'aka' Xeno
Lead vocals

Pete Comita
12- and 4-stringed electric basses, backing vocals

Jon Brant
1981–1987, special guest and fill-in duties in 1999, 2004-05, & 2007
12-, 8-, 6-, 5- & 4-string electric basses, backing vocals , MySpace , Wikipedia , YouTube
Members:Bun E. Carlos, Daxx Nielsen, Hank Ransome, Jon Brant (2), Peter Comita, Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander, Tom Petersson, Xeno (19)
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