Bobby "Bobcat" Ervin

Real Name:Bobby Ervin

Bobcat began his career as a DJ known for scratching for the LA-based party crew Uncle Jamm's Army. When Uncle Jamm's were ready to release their own singles, they enlisted in the help of Bobcat for the single "The Roach Is On The Wall". He later formed his own group called The California Catt Crew and released a pair of singles. Roger Clayton, founder of Uncle Jamms, introduced Bobcat to the east coast production team the L.A. Posse. By 1987 Bobcat gained mainstream renown as a producer of the LL Cool J album Bigger and Deffer in 1987. Two years later Bobcat released his own album titled Cat Got Ya Tongue on Arista Records. In the 1990's Bobcat mainly helped worked with west coast artists, the west coast Boogiemen production team, and a production resume that includes albums as MC Ren's Kizz my Black Azz, Ice Cube's Predator and 2Pac's All Eyez On Me.

In Groups:Boogiemen, L.A. Posse, Uncle Jamm's Army
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