Larsen (6)

Larsen (6)


Spanish seminal Punk band formed in Madrid in 1980.

The founding members were: Monje (2) (Jose Luis Salcines) on vocals, Pollo (3) (Jose Luis Rodríguez) on guitar, Rana (6) (Ricardo Roca) on bass and Mosca (8) (Gonzalo Fuentes) on drums. They started rehearsing in a little local in Cerceda, a little town located at the North of Madrid.

In 1983 they recorded and released their first EP ¡No!, and little after that Monje left the band. They started rehearsing as a trio until Chema (9) (José María Ortega), friends with the band members, started singing.

With Chema on vocals they recorded two sessions, but the recordings were never released. The first sessions were initially planned for an LP, and what was going to be its first single Requiem was released in 1984. But the Spanish label Spansuls Records never paid to the studio for the sessions, so they confiscated the master tapes and the LP was forgotten. The second sessions took place in Winter of 1984, this time paid by the band members. Unfortunatelly for the band, no label was interested in rteleasing the material, so the tapes were stored and forgotten until some of the material was finally released in 2001 as Larsen by Potencial Hardcore.

After that, Pollo y Mosca started rehearsing with with Manolo Uvi (Manuel Quevedo) from La Uvi—another punk band from Madrid, and from that collaboration Commando 9mm was formed. Sortly after that the two musicians started focusing on Commando 9m and Larsen was finally forgotten and eventually, in early 1985, the group disbanded.

Members:Chema (9), Gonzalo Fuentes Zabala, Jose Luis Rodríguez, Jose Luis Salcines, Rana (6)


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