Gerardo Figueroa

Real Name:Gerardo Figueroa Rodríguez

Gerardo Figueroa Rodríguez (Santiago de Chile, 1969) is a musician and researcher. From October 5, 1988 to February 27, 2010, he carried out an artistic research project called GFR Broadcasting System, going thru its 4/4 post-production stage nowadays.

Teacher of English by Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación [UMCE], and M.A. in Latinamerican Musicology by Universidad Alberto Hurtado [UAH], he’s been a member of Asociación Chilena de Estudios de Música Popular [ASEMPCH], Comunidad Electroacústica y Experimental de Chile [CECH], and Asociación de Investigadores en Artes y Humanidades [AyH], among others. He’s also part of sound-music instances, such as el proyecto antes llamado GMS/FBW, Agrupación Ciudadanos, and Vilú y lxs Aerostáticxs.

He also teaches on the Bachelor’s Degree in Music with a mention in Music Production at the Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano [UAHC] and participates in various projects related to the creation, dissemination, research and extension of national and international music. Among the most recent ones are the radio art space NOISE is the Message and the Spanish version of the book by British musician and theorist [[Invalid Artist]]Chris Cutler File Under Popular, soon to be published.

Since 2020 he is an active collaborator of NOISE is the Message with sound projects (5 Minutos los Puede hacer cualquiera, + de Minutos los Puede hacer cualquiera) where he works his own sound archive making it dialogue with other resources. , ,
In Groups:El Proyecto Antes Llamado GMS/FBW, GMS/FBW
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