Peter B

Nombre real:Peter Brelih

Peter B. interest in electronic music began in middle nineties when Slovenian techno music was still in dipers. He soon became involved into electronic developement, locally and globally. In the year 2000 he established his own group, called Sequan, together with two producers Bojan and Vlado Bogdanovič. Two years later they have published their first record at Bush records, which was the leading record publishing company, concerning techno music, at that time. Now they are publishing their own production at Bush records, Holzplatten, Fargo production,... They also produced a remix song for one of world's most famous electronic groups, Kraftwerk, which will be a part of a CD compilation this spring at Mute records.

Peter B's music styles varies, from hard minimal and swedish techno all the way to tech-house and tribal techno. Lately he became interested in hard techno and schranz, both ways, as a DJ and as a producer. Nowadays it is said, that you can't make it without your own label, that's why Peter as many others opened his own, which he called Cardiac Arrest Recordings. He intendes to publish mainly hard techno type records.

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