Dune (3)


German happy hardcore/dance act.

Started in 1995 by Oliver Froning and Jens Oettrich, Dune (3) was one of the most successful music projects representing the wave of chart-friendly techno/dance music that hit the German and European charts in the mid ‘90s. Following the first single “Hardcore Vibes”, Bernd Burhoff came on board as producer, eventually assuming main production duties alongside Jens.

Over the years, numerous vocalists featured on their recordings. Initially, the vocal talents of Oliver’s niece Janine Kelly-Fiddes were used on “Hardcore Vibes”, followed by studio singer Tina Lagao (later Tina Lacebal) on the singles “Are You Ready To Fly” and “Can't Stop Raving”; however, it was the singer Verena von Strenge (1996-1997) who is most associated with the project. Originally a dancer for the project’s live performances in 1995, Verena moved front and centre for the second album “Expedicion” and its singles, “Rainbow To The Stars”, “Hand in Hand” and “Million Miles From Home”. Surprisingly, their most successful single, “Who Wants To Live Forever” (No. 2 in the German charts, platinum certification), was actually in the style of classical music, recorded with The London Session Orchestra. The subsequent album, “Forever”, was also a huge success in the German charts, reaching No. 2 and achieving Gold certification.

Following the departure of Verena in early 1997, vocal duties were assumed by Vanessa (3) Hörster, and then Tina Lacebal (formerly Tina Lagao), but none of the releases post 1997 could match the success experienced in 1995 and 1996. Even the short-lived return of Verena to the project in 1999 couldn’t turn things around and, amid legal complications concerning the cancelled-single “Heaven”, the project more or less went into hibernation. While some remakes of old hits were sporadically released, none managed to reach the German Top 50.

In 2016, the founding member Oliver Froning, who had been DJing under the name “djraw” and, also “Dune (3)”, revived the project name for the “Magic Carpet Ride” release. Further singles and collaborations have since followed, and Froning continues to tour throughout Europe to this day.

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