Nombre real:Alexandre Manuel Thiago de Mello

Brazilian singer and composer (1952 - 2004) born in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro. He's the son of poet Amadeu Thiago De Mello and nephew of musician Thiago De Mello. He moved to Chile in the first 70s where he published his first albums and played with Los Jaivas and Soledad Bravo. In 1973 he moved to Argentina, then to Venezuela and later to Europe, where he published various books and records. Manduka returned to Brazil in 1979 and worked there in various projects until his death at age 52 on October 17, 2002, in Rio de Janeiro.


- Brasil 1500 (1972), IRT (Chile)
- Manduka (1974), CBS (Argentina)
- Manduka e Naná Vasconcelos (1975), Le Chant du Monde (France)
- Brasil (1976), Edigsa (Spain)
- Caravana (1978), Le Chant du Monde (France)
- Los sueños de America. Manduka & Los Jaivas (1978), Movieplay (Spain)
- Manduka (1979), CBS
- Sétima vida. Manduka & Pablo Milanês (1986), Egrem (Cuba)/Polydor (México)
- Eterna (1986), Independent (Mexico)
- Os estatutos do homem. Manduka e Thiago de Mello (1989), Edições Paulinas
- Terceira asa (1996), Independent

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