Jeff Mills Neo_Chayanne

27 de agosto de 2019
The wizard of techno! One of the heavyweights of the genre to blow you away! <3 At the beginning of his career, he would rinse those wax to death and then throw it backwards to the crowd! This guy is a living legend!

Jeff Mills as reviewed by filipe_santos

18 de julio de 2019
Bloody legend! Love his 909 lives! Certainly the best artist that's so inspiring with just one drum machine.
Thank you Jeff!

Jeff Mills as reviewed by john-savage

1 de abril de 2018
what a character, have seen him twice mixing, once at the orbit, was literally the worst set i've ever heard, every single mix was galloping, it was weapons grade bad. the next time was tribal gathering, i was crew and 10 foot away from what to me was a god like mixing machine, three decks and a 909, absolutely superb, by far the best set i've ever heard.

years before(1995) live in the liquid room cd with it's track listing tought me what real techno was, and what real mixing was, bad boy bones finished my training, he taught me his swagger.

not that keen on 90% of his records personally, i hate strings etc, but the first real techno vinyl i ever got was axis 11"the purpose maker"(thank you skinner), that will never leave my box, fantastic tune, purpose maker 3 is an absolute corker too, a mythical tune that has the rarity of not being hindered by stocking fillers(what a waste of vinyl), all 4 tunes are great.

thank you jeff, hope i'm going where you're going after this.

as a great man once's just a ride :-)

Jeff Mills MultiGrooves

21 de junio de 2019
Had to stop at "not that keen on 90% of his records personally"...

Jeff Mills Tikal696

21 de marzo de 2017
If you are more interested in Jeff Mills' "detroit techno" productions, let me express my vision of the thing.
His career can be seen in this way:
- In its beginnings, it released many pieces typical of the detroit techno as the emblematic "the bells".
- as his career progressed, he produced more and more atmospheric pieces. (Metropolis seems to be a turning point)
If you are looking for pure techno pieces, look at vinyl produced until 2001. (or the compilations given at the end)
After this period, you will have to search among hundreds of others. And the majority of those produced are rather minimal. Very few are as "hard" as they were at the beginning.
4 compilations are a good base to summarize this style of techno that made its success in EU rave:
- The other day
- Purpose maker compilations
- The art of connecting
- Lifelike

Jeff Mills farfromthesun

10 de enero de 2019
editado 10 months ago
Jeff Mills career did not begin when he released "Kat Moda" EP, which features "The Bells." Productions under his own name appeared in 1992 (five years prior to "Kat Moda") and before that he was releasing records on Underground Resistance most notably, and under pseudonyms such as Final Cut (in collaboration with others). As such, you completely omit to acknowledge his early, seminal works such a both Waveform Transmission albums, and early Axis and Purpose Maker material. During 1994 alone he released "The Extremist", "Cycle 30", "Growth" and "Axis009", and it's this period where he really cemented his status at the forefront of techno, both as a producer and a DJ.

Jeff Mills chrisnova777

6 de enero de 2017
editado over 2 years ago
just found the ticket stub cleaning up, saw him play in montreal on new years eve in 1998, when he played prince's 1999 at midnight. not a huge fan, id rather listen to some rhythmic house like smack productions or some 70s disco grooves... his style of techno seems to be revered by people who lack a real education on dance music, but wish to be seen as the opposite.

Jeff Mills solventabuse

19 de septiembre de 2019
You have no clue what you are talking about, you entitled euro.

Jeff Mills MultiGrooves

14 de junio de 2019
You do know you can get help for that cleft arsehole, right?

Jeff Mills dylaf

27 de octubre de 2018
I have to admit, here in the UK it was a certain type of person (generally) who obsessed over Jeff Mills like a god. I respected him & love some of his productions, not all, but the ones that speak to me are priceless & very important to the journey of techno. Same with any artist, you pick & choose your fave's. It was generally absolute electronic nerds, I mean the scarily intelligent ones, sound engineers, promoters and forward thinking musicians who adored JM's tracks; most definitely not lacking in a musical education. Maybe we are talking about different times though, I'm taking about as it happened.

Jeff Mills tarwater3

7 de abril de 2017
Might as well you go to the super girly parties you so much like !!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Mills Tikal696

21 de marzo de 2017
'Dance music' is a typical term for a North American mainstream education where everything is pink.
Dance music is YOUR vision of the electronic music. You like the joyous melodies disgusting listened to by girls dressed in fluorescent colors.
In Europe, this techno does not exist in the raves or the free parties of every day.
It's a commercial techno that just goes on radio or techno parade.
A cliché that you used in the early 2000s in your countries thinking that the techno movement was like that in Europe.
You'd better listen your compatriot Venetian Snares. A lot of his productions said brutally that that you listen shits in your country.
Have fun with your mainstream music, this is the goal, but do not come to teach us the lesson when your countries experienced electronics in 2000.
Shame on you to have forced the techno from detroit or chicago to export to Europe because you did not understand this music.

Jeff Mills naggini

19 de marzo de 2017
what a bizarre comment!

what exactly is 'a real education in dance music'? do you mean the precise 'education' that you believe yourself to have? how do you know that the people who lack your definition of such, wish to be seen as not having your definition of such? and why would those people be particularly partial to jeff's music? i'm confused!

no reason why you should be a huge fan of his, but why would you make a point of criticizing the many people that love his music?

Jeff Mills sam321

5 de marzo de 2017
Really ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Jeff Mills zytoun

8 de febrero de 2016
hello for all..!!!
i have big problem....i missing this records 20 years now and i don t no again.....!!!!
for you tube mix ..
Jeff Mills @ The Fire Burning, Cherry Moon, Lokeren 01.04.1994
track start 49.45 and finish 51.
thanks too much !!!

Jeff Mills ross-alexander

25 de mayo de 2019
You've probably found it by now but it's clementine - breaking point

Jeff Mills Agent_Koenig

22 de agosto de 2015
Saw him at Lost at the Vox in 92 and saw him at Bloc 2015 and everywhere in between. Still the fucking don.

Jeff Mills kakaok

13 de diciembre de 2014
editado over 4 years ago
(After gig in Warsaw) JEFF MILLS was merciless and indestructible. Ruthless and unassuming entrance to the 5 hour epic of gamma radiation made ​​an impression on everyone. It was a historical event . His albums have become much sense , most of them are brilliant no to say genius. I realized that he is someone on a vision level of James Stinson exploring space instead of the ocean depths. He is not just another techno DJ, his style is unreachable, combining samurai focus with African samba. Inspiring .JEFF MILLS is a precursor to a new kind of aesthetics, based on the ESP (extrasensory perception), according to McLuhan associated with retribalisation , humanity back to its original state. It is also the hidden message of James Joyce novel Finnegan's Wake, and one of Jeff's albums is called Sleeper Wakes.
This clubnight was an epic visit into the twilight zone . You have just crossed over into ... THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Mills = living legend.

Jeff Mills stuarte

3 de noviembre de 2014
God decided to physically manifest and produce techno classics for eternity...we are all one after all.