Los Rebeldes Del Rock

Los Rebeldes Del Rock


Mexican Rock 'N Roll band formed in Mexico City in 1958. They are best know for their smash hit "La Hiedra Venenosa" (Poison Ivy by The Coasters).

One of the front-runners of the first wave of Rock sung in Spanish where the translation to Spanish of current rock 'n roll songs was the norm.

Originally known as "Los Reyes del Rock" but changed to "Los Rebeldes del Rock" a short time later.

Original line-up:
Antonio de la Villa Verdez Sánchez – Vocals (who left early on to become an original member of Los Locos Del Ritmo)
Francisco "Abuelo" Domínguez - Piano
Guillermo Américo Tena - Requinto guitar
José María "Chema" Silva - Drums
Waldo Tena - Guitar
Marco Polo Tena - Bass

Their jump to fame came in 1960 when Johnny Laboriel joined the band becoming their 3rd lead vocalist in such a short time. Johnny Laboriel recorded 4 albums with the band before leaving for a solo career in 1964.

That same year they recorded a 5th (and last) album with a new singer Roberto "Baby" Moreno. The band broke-up shortly after.

Since the mid 70's the band has been on and off with many line-up changes for T.V. and concert apperances but since the 60's they have not recorded new material.

Apodos:Los Rockin' Rebeldes
Miembros:A. De La Villa, Francisco Dominguez (2), Gastón Garcés, Johnny Laboriel
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