Sven Maes

Real Name:Sven Frans Yvonne Maes

Belgium based producer (Sint-Niklaas, January 27, 1973). Sven started with playing drums at the age of 12. Later he got his 1st drum computer and synthesizer and he started to produce his own tracks. When he was 18 he was in a band called "Mea Culpa". , MySpace , Wikipedia
Aliases:Daniel Tahay, Deux-Cent-Dix, E-Raver, Joy-Toys, Svenson, Vince G. Jefferson, Voyageur
In Groups:Adventure Boys, Airscape, Allegro, Anthony Prince, Azzuro Project, Balearic Bill, Boats Of Opium, Boccaccio Life, Body Heat, Bombario, Buzzerr, Da Phat Smokers, DJ Don & Svenson, Fatalistic Journey, Funky Lipps, Heavenly Bodies, Leader Of The Nation, Lexicon 4, Matanka, Mighty Clubb Cats
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