R.A.F. was one of the most famous projects made in Media Records in the early 90s. A lot of musicians and producers were involved in R.A.F. project, and one of them was Mauro Picotto.
Eventually, Mauro Picotto retained partially the name (see R.A.F. By Picotto).

Almost all "RAF Zone Mix" versions of records in the end of '90 were produced by R.A.F. By Picotto and not by R.A.F.
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Singles & EPs

GFB 004 R.A.F. - Energetic Mix diseño del album R.A.F. Energetic Mix (Maxi) GFB Records GFB 004 Italy 1990 Vender esta versión
UND 512 R.A.F. - The Rhythm, The Rebel diseño del album R A F* The Rhythm, The Rebel (Maxi) Underground (2) UND 512 Italy 1991 Vender esta versión
PWL 202 R.A.F. - We Gonna Get diseño del album R.A.F. We Gonna Get (Maxi) PWL Continental PWL 202 UK & Europe 1991 Vender esta versión
GFB 029 R.A.F. - We've Got To Live Together diseño del album R.A.F. We've Got To Live Together (Single, Maxi) GFB Records GFB 029 Italy 1991 Vender esta versión
GFB 041 R.A.F. - I Can't Believe diseño del album R.A.F. I Can't Believe GFB Records GFB 041 Italy 1992 Vender esta versión
MX 413 R.A.F. - Just Take Me Higher diseño del album R.A.F. Just Take Me Higher (Maxi, Single) GFB Records MX 413 Spain 1993 Vender esta versión
579 555-1 R.A.F. - Move Up diseño del album R.A.F. Move Up (Maxi) Airplay Records 579 555-1 France 1995 Vender esta versión
BOY-378 R.A.F. - Boom Boom Boom / Menergy diseño del album R.A.F. 4 African Power R.A.F. 4 African Power - Boom Boom Boom / Menergy GFB Records BOY-378 Italy 1996 Vender esta versión