Alan Wilder

Real Name:Alan Charles Wilder

Alan Charles Wilder was born on June 1st 1959 in Hammersmith, West London, England. An electronic musician, composer, arranger and record producer. Alan is best known as a former member of Depeche Mode. He is also the founder of an electronic music project named Recoil. Recoil started as a side project to Depeche Mode, but when he left the latter in 1995, it evolved into Wilder's primary project. Wilder has also provided production and remixing services to the bands Nitzer Ebb, and Curve.

On June 1st 1995, Alan made the difficult but inevitable decision to leave Depeche Mode and announced his departure. , Facebook , X , Wikipedia
In Groups:Dafne And The Tenderspots, Depeche Mode, Dragons (5), Real To Real, The Hitmen (6), Concrete (31)
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